The Wednesday Rundown 7.28.10

Hello everyone and welcome to the Wednesday Rundown. I hope y'all are putting the final touches on those BTS videos for the contest. The deadline is very close. We have a great wedding shoot video, done on the beach in Alabama. Some great final images through out the video. We are also starting up a photo of the day group on flickr, check out the forum for details. Send in some links to some great BTS videos.

Bridal Shoot:

This is a great video for anyone doing bridal pictures. Frank allows us to take a peak into a day of shooting. He captures some great indoor images and puts that reflector to use.

Studio Shoot:

A clean shoot that does not go into much details. I do enjoy the simple white background and a beautiful girl. The video does a good job showing us final images. You can see the light set up on a couple of shots.

Ben Harper Photo Shoot:

A quick photo session with Ben Harper. These final images turn out to be amazing.  Not to much technical detail here but some amazing images in the video.

My Ninja Photo Shoot:

A great video that grabbed my attention right away. I wish they had more detail and some final images. I just couldn't pass it up! At least get some ideas from the video for the contest.

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Great WR.
First video was my favorite. Got to see final images and got an idea of what lighting he was using.
Nice work

The first video was really the only one that held my attention. Sadly, kind of a wednesday rundown letdown.

Jerrit Pruyn's picture

I hear ya Zach. It was a hard night of searching. If you only saw the videos that didn't make the cut. The first video carries this weeks rundown. Thanks for the feedback.

What's a rundwon?

Thanks for the posts. The Fong Bong on the first shoot personally kills it for me.... :-)

I say well done Jerrit, i personally found 1,2 and 4 very inspirational. Was nice to see the use of mostly natural lighting in the bridal video, but i loved the way the studio shoot and my ninja videos showed a very much laid back shooting style, the models moving freely and not being posed so much makes the pictures feel more natural, also like the lowish budget shooting in the 2nd video. looks like a portable studio there which is what im aiming to set up. Cheers dude.

Nothing wrong with the Fong. It's a light modifier. Really no different than using vehicle window shades as low budget reflectors. Does the exact same as the $175+ reflectors from B&H. Modifies light.