Florida Photographers Catch Snake Trying to Escape Being Eaten by an Alligator

Florida Photographers Catch Snake Trying to Escape Being Eaten by an Alligator

A pair of Florida-based photographers got more than they bargained for last weekend when they caught the dramatic moment a snake desperately tried to escape the mouth of an alligator before being eaten.

The incident unfolded at Circle B Bar Reserve in Florida, which is notorious for gator sightings. The images are picking up traction after they were posted by a local photographer on Facebook.

Linda Waring, of BirdWalk Photography, uploaded the images and recalled of the event:

[Partner] Jesse's eagle eye spotted this big guy working on his lunch and his lunch trying to escape! I just started clicking! […] The gator would chomp down and close his mouth, and each time, it seemed like the end. Then, when he opened his jaws, the snake was still trying to fight his way out!

Waring also says she continued taking photos as the snake, suggested to be a banded water snake, continued to struggle, with the gator eventually prevailing. Despite taking over 100 photos, Waring ultimately decided not to post the ending shot.

The video below reveals the sighting of a huge gator at the same reserve back in 2017.


Images courtesy and used with the permission of Jesse and Linda of Birdwalk Photography.

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Ryan Cooper's picture

Watersnake vs alligator or photographic evidence of mythical dragon creature with a snake tongue? ;)

Seems like nice place to live...

First Florida man, now snake-eating alligators.

You'd never be bored in Florida.

I showed up at a local wetlands preserve just in time to see an alligator grab a huge python. It was perhaps nine feet long. We watched for around 90 minutes while the gator swallowed it. I'd say the snake was alive for most of that time. I have a few images here if anyone is interested:

Very nice Jim!