My Tribute to Alyn Wallace

My Tribute to Alyn Wallace

The photography world was stunned on March 29 as we heard the news that Alyn Wallace, a popular and incredible astrophotographer, has sadly passed away. In this article, I want to pay tribute to Alyn.

It has been over 5 years since I started watching Alyn's work on YouTube. His content and educational style were always incredibly engaging to watch, and he became a firm favorite of mine.


Wallace's passion for the stars was always clear to see for his followers, and he was never afraid of showing the frustrations of astrophotography, which more often than not, were those pesky clouds in the sky!

Back in the early days, we mostly watched Wallace scaling the Welsh mountains for incredible views and images of the Milky Way, and gradually as the years went on, he traveled further afield to places such as Chile, Antarctica, Turkey, and Norway.

Wallace took us viewers on some incredible adventures over the years, and his images speak for themselves. We have seen Wallace capture the Northern Lights, Comet Neowise, various regions of the night sky in wide angle or deep space, as well as beautiful noctilucent clouds, and more.

Alyn inspired me to photograph events such as the Northern Lights here in Iceland

Ever the genius, Wallace coined phrases such as "Moon Bazooka" for his love of the Sigma 150-600mm lens when capturing images of the moon, or wishing us all "good luck and clear skies." These phrases are now widely used among astrophotographers who enjoy Wallace's work.

What's in the Night Sky?

One of the best regular segments on Wallace's YouTube channel has always been the "What's in the Night Sky" series. Here, Wallace would give astro fans a monthly roundup of significant astro events such as meteor showers, eclipses, conjunctions, and more.

Of course, with me being in the UK, I would often miss many of these great events because our weather is usually rubbish! However, sometimes, we would get lucky and be able to see the events, such as when I photographed Comet Neowise over Liverpool's waterfront.

Comet Neowise over Liverpool 

The advice, tips, and tricks were always well presented and so valuable to lovers of the night sky. Wallace's efforts to deliver great information were never lacking, and I could watch his work religiously for inspiration.


Social media has been full of amazing tributes from a wide range of photographers. I have shared a few below:

💔 RIP Astro Legend 😥 Absolutely devastated of the news on Alyn Wallace. Has hit me in the stomach. As for many people...

Posted by Scotland's Night Sky on Friday, March 29, 2024

A True Gentleman 

I have sadly never had the opportunity of meeting Alyn face to face, but we have talked several times online, and I know a few of my friends have had the pleasure of meeting him or working with him. Wallace has always been a true gentleman.

For Wallace's fans and followers, the news of his passing has shocked us all. We have lost someone so talented, so young. Wallace's legacy will live on, as many thousands have been inspired to capture the night sky due to his incredible efforts over the years.

To the family and friends of Alyn, I am incredibly sorry for your loss. Alyn was a hero among us, an honest and genuinely lovely person who will now shine bright as a star in our night sky.

You can watch Alyn's amazing work here.

If Alyn has inspired you over the years, please post your tributes below in the comments.

Wherever you are, Alyn, I wish you clear skies.

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Greg Sheard is a Scottish based photographer, focusing on wildlife, landscape and portrait work. Greg's mission in life is too help those who suffer with mental health issues and be a voice for the millions of people around the world who need that care, attention and awareness.

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How sad; his videos were a source of inspiration and joy. RIP, Alyn; I'm sure you have a front-row seat now.

Beautifully said

very sad news ! I really enjoyed his videos and as said in this article, he was not affraid of sharing failures and that's truly inspiring ! R.I.P Alyn.

Well said

I had the good fortune to take a workshop taught by Alyn and I never missed one of his videos. He did such a tremendous job of teaching and inspiring all of us. He will be greatly missed.

So glad you managed to attend one of his workshops, he is such a gentleman and it's a sad time for the whole community

truly remarkable photographer. An inspiration to me to "shoot for the stars" his work has helped me to push my personal boundaries in photographing the night sky. I sure that he now has clear skies.

Beautifully said, thank you

It was Alyn's wonderful videos that inspired me to try my hand at astrophotography. His guidelines and recommendations were key to providing me the confidence to produces images I would be very pleased. Thank you Alyn, rest in peace.

Beautifully said James

Truly inspirational! I watched his videos and bought his book. My heart sank hearing the news of him passing. May he rest in peace.

His book is amazing, just like everything else he produces. Such a sad time for our community.

I've just heard the news. So sad. I'm so sorry to hear of Alyn's passing. So talented, seems like he was a lovely guy and certainly a very amiable and excellent teacher. Even though I don't shoot as much astro as I'd like he was a true inspiration and his YT channel a source of much delight and education.

Very well said Kevin

Shocking to read this. Ayln's channel got me obsessed with shooting the nights sky. And GAS for the gear.

A new moon is coming in 7 days and I will make sure I'm out to shoot a Milky Way landscape in his honor.

This is very sad news. I am sorrow-stricken.
Dear Alyn. I know, you will never be able to read this, but I feel the urge to write you some lines.
You were a friendly and honest person and I really enjoyed watching all your content. It still is very inspirering and motivating.
I enjoyed talking to you, the few times, we were in touch and I will cherish my printed copy of your book with your personal signature.
And I feel honoured that you seriously considered going on a shoot with me, when you were close by on your road trip in Germany.
I promise, on every astrolandscape photography tour from now on, I will crack open a can of beer, raise it to the stars and toast to you.
Rest in peace!

That was really nice to read, and very beautifully said. Thank you Christian

I have followed Alyn's travels for most of my Astro Milky Way time since '14. He would review the Sony cameras I use and showed things no reviewer ever covered be he also covered many other camera makers. I could go on BUT his "Photographing The Night Sky" says everything about is playtime at night. As I read through it he also went through the many problems I encountered. His inventions and gear changed many lives for the better as his book will do for many in the future.
I pray he was able to walk the Milky Way path flying with Pegasus and will be apart of the Smile in the Night Sky that greats us one and all in the March Milky Way!
1. February Milky Way part of panorama with the smile us Photographers enjoy every few first months
2. The dreamy night sky using his "Kase StarGlow Filter"
3. A vertical Milky Way a path to walk to Heaven.
4. My first sight of the MW on the back of my A7S using the FE 16-35mm f/4 in June 2015 that got me hooked. I know how Alyn felt when he first saw it!!!!

How to Photograph Comet 12P/Pons-Brooks NOW! and you will see his joy every time he got the image!
He captured it and was his last!!!

That is a really nice tribute, thank you Edwin

Sad. I had not heard of him, and found his website about a month ago looking for info on photographing the upcoming eclipse. RIP.

This makes me so sad. I just discovered Alyn in the last year or two. I always looked forward to his What's in the Night Sky videos each month and his educational videos were great for all skill levels. He will definitely be missed!