How to Take a Great Supermoon Photo

The last supermoon of 2020 is on May 7, and it is a great chance to take an entrancing and unique image incorporating it into a landscape or cityscape of your choice. This excellent video will show you how to plan and take a supermoon photo worthy of framing and hanging on your wall.

Can You Photograph the Milky Way With Just a Phone?

Astrophotography is a genre that requires some of the most extreme and specialized gear. At the same time, though, photographic technology has made some remarkable leaps in the last few years, with some of that technology making its way into smartphones. Can you photograph the night sky with just a phone? This great video shows what you can accomplish.

How to Make Your Astrophotography Pop

Astrophotography takes a lot of technical savvy, patience, and careful post-processing, but the results can be absolutely stunning and well worth the time and effort. This excellent video tutorial will show you how to improve the colors in your deep sky images in Photoshop to make them really pop off the screen.