BTS Video of Fitness Shoot by Lear Miller

Behind the scenes videos are some of the best ways to learn our craft, especially when it comes to setting up lighting. It takes quite a bit of courage though to put yourself out there online and share a video with our industry. Arizona based photographer, Lear Miller, took the leap and put together his first BTS video of a fitness shoot that I thought deserved a shout out here on Fstoppers.

Miller does a great job mixing ambient light along with some Paul C. Buff Einstein lights often shot through a softbox or strip box. For his first BTS I thought he pulled together a nice quick 3-min video worth checking out. One fun fact is that his mom actually took much of the video of him shooting. Looking forward to seeing more from Lear Miller in the future. Looks like the young talented guy has a bright future ahead of him.


To see more of Miller's work you can visit his website or facebook page.

[Via Lear Miller - Tumblr]

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Josh Robertson's picture

I watched it for the articles...

Atta boy Lear

Very very good shots. I like it :)

Simon wardenier's picture

Really great shoot, results are how they should be, awesome!

Yeah! Saw it on the facebook group (I think it was yesterday) and thought "definitely worth to appear in the front page". Congrats! Nice video.

Go Lumberjacks!

Great lighting, the photos are looking fab - good job Mr Miller!

Tomas Ramoska's picture

I like how he hold camera at 03.03 helps her lean forward :D

Hank's picture

I thought it was weird that he would hold it by his junk too

As an AZ resident, I don't care where you shot these. That was great.