Christopher Wahl Shoots a Bowie-Inspired Cover of Chris Hadfield

This behind the scenes video hit three for three on elements that I love. Christopher Wahl's portraits, David Bowie's weirdness, and musical astronaut Chris Hadfield. The latter being the first astronaut we've truly celebrated since Neil Armstrong. I wish I could say that this video offers some tremendous insight into how the image was produced, but it doesn't. What it does offer is a perspective on differing styles and what happens when a solid photographer goes to emulate another.

I love that Wahl not only has a great reason for the emulation, but opts to shoot the concept his way as well. He shows us how he sees the scene before he dives into paying tribute to an iconic image. I've always thought that one of the easiest ways to learn is by trying to recreate images you admire. However, the piece of that which I believe most people overlook is that of making it your own once you understand the method.

It's easy enough to emulate someone, it's a whole other ballgame when you try to add your voice to it.

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Great photo

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His name is Chris Hadfield, with a D. Just FYI.

I'm not sure where you are differentiating inspiration and replication.

Not meaning to hijack this great work, but I also did a Bowie inspired session taking 5 of his personas and creating some interesting portraits. Please feel free to check them out, after you have watched Christopher Wahls work of course.

"Not meaning to hijack this great work, but..."

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Simply rephrase it to "Excuse me for hijacking this..." and you'll be fine...

He was the first Canadian Commander of the ISS. We are all so proud of him!

Who did the makeup?

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Perhaps this guy Hadfield is a good musical artist, but that rendition of Space Oddity was a little painful. Also, it was pre Alladin Sane, 1969 to be exact, so as far as the shoot, he shoulda gone for this look instead (from Bowie's original 1969 Space Oddity video from Bowie's promotional film, 'Love You Till Tuesday').