Are You Doing Your Best Work? Chase Jarvis Talks About Pushing Yourself

Last week we featured part 1 of ReDefine's interview with Chase Jarvis. The second half of the interview was just released and Chase talks a little about pushing yourself and being your own biggest critic while at the same time taking all the negativity that comes with being in the spotlight with a grain of salt. Lee and I have seen so many ridiculous comments about photographers and their work here on Fstoppers and other popular websites (heaven knows I've taken a few punches myself). In today's uber web social world, sometimes it seems if you haven't caused a stir of criticism of some sort then perhaps you haven't made something profound. It seems as photographers, most of us are driven by creativity and competition but the best competition you should have is with yourself. I hope you guys find Chase's words encouraging as he reminds everyone that even at the top of your career you are going to face people who question your vision. Stay strong and keep truckin' because the light at the end of the tunnel, may be you! Goodnight!

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Loved the interview. Much needed. And thank you, Patrick, for your words of encouragement as well. 

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Chase Jarvis is an inspiration to me. I loved his talk with Mike Horn about commitment. Very powerful stuff!

Ow gosh ... she's HOT!
Chase who? Ow yea yea ... he's a very cool guy.
And she also take amazing pictures ... what a blessing! 

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Amazing interview. Very inspirational for me to continually work.

wow, and that Cambio camera bag with the built-in tripod is a cool idea too!

Always great to hear from other photographers and their views on the industry.

I think that in order for us to do our <a href="" rel="nofollow">best work</a>, we have to pretend that no one else is ever going to see what we are working on. That frees us up to be creative and try new things.