How to Prepare a Production Call Sheet in Minutes

How to Prepare a Production Call Sheet in Minutes

Planning and timing is the key; especially, when it comes to a serious photography or video work. Usually, you have to deal with lots of details in a fast-paced environment, and manage your own crew as well. Therefore, it's better to be planned and be prepared against any possible misfortune.  All you need is a well prepared production call sheet. 
You may think that group chats would be good idea for informing and organizing people for a shoot day, however, there is a better and easier alternative for this: Simple Call Sheet.

Simple Call Sheet is an anonymous online service that lets you create customizable production call sheets in minutes. It's a ready call sheet template with frequently used sections, and you can add or remove any row or column depending on your production details. Another good thing about Simple Call Sheet is, it is completely free and you don't have to create an account or log in. Simply create your call sheet, and instantly download it as a PDF to your PC. 

There are several call sheet creator services and apps on the internet, however most of them require you to pay a fee for subscription, and the other ones that offers classic Excel templates, look outdated and are usually hard to create and read. At this point, Simple Call Sheet offers a minimalist, easy-to-read design, and it lets you upload your own logo, with the embedded Google Maps pinning option. It definitely looks professional. 

If you've never used a production call sheet before, you should definitely try it. Considering all the mess and chaos on an ordinary shoot day, keeping every individual on your set updated and informed will provide great convenience. 


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This is great ....Thank you!

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Very nice, thanks for finding this.

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Just what I've been looking for!