The Photographer's Marketing Strategy To Gain Attention in 2021

Getting work as a photographer has never been harder thanks to the effects of the pandemic. Use these tactics to stand out, build relationships, and win dream clients.

The Coronavirus has caused so many direct and indirect problems in our industry: budgets slashed, opportunities diminished, and companies going bankrupt left, right, and center. This creative sector has always been hugely competitive, and this is only going to intensify going forward. For this reason, it's important to stand out and get attention from prospective customers and clients if you want to survive. This week, Chris Do of The Futur is back once again to explore this very subject in his latest video.

The video starts with a statement that many photographers will probably not want to hear. Do says your social media should not be your portfolio, and I have to agree with him. Trying to use the platform in this way can really limit the content you post. It also has a direct effect on the type of attention you get and the possible work you may be offered. I think we've all seen social media profiles that may have amazing work on them, but they somewhat feel sterile and lack personality. Do talks about giving your audience a reason to care and a reason to share, which I think is a great mantra for photographers to live by.

Do goes on to talk about ways that creative people can stand out by picking the platform that best suits their work, giving value, and engaging with people to build long-term, meaningful relationships. It will probably come as no surprise to hear that all these things are a long-term commitment and consistency is the key. While many of us find ourselves with more time on our hands, now is the moment to get the ball rolling so we can hit the ground running once the fog of the pandemic has lifted. One thing I really liked in the video is Do's approach to free work and how we can use it to leverage better things in the future or just to feel good about ourselves, the latter being something often overlooked that is vitally important for creativity and productivity. If you require a motivational pep talk, this video is well worth a look. It's a great reminder of what's important and what's not when it comes to being a creative. Do talks about "staying out of the results game for a while," which is something I think many of us on social media would be wise to follow.

Lead image by Andrea Piacquadio, used under Creative Commons. 

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I really love taking cool photos and am glad that now is the time in which you can make money on this business. Although I would even say that this is not a business, but a personal vision of the world that we convey through photography