2 Contests. 3 Great Prizes. 36 Hours Left to Win!

Happy Memorial Day everybody! Just want to remind everyone that we have 2 awesome photo contests going on here at Fstoppers, where we are giving away 3 big prizes. Be sure to head over to our brand new Flickr Group Contest and submit your favorite shot from your photostream to win a Lowepro Sport 200 AW Backpack. Also, we have our Monthly Photo Contest going on in our forums where you can win a Photoflex 42" Multidisc and a Black Rapid Sport Strap. But hurry up, because you only have 36 hours left. Submissions to both contests end at 11:59pm on May 31st. GOOD LUCK!

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Hi Guys
Iv'e been trying to upload my image in the contest for the past hour with no success. I have followed the instructions left on a discussion and still no luck.
Please try to create a better system.

Guys, I must say I'm very disappointed and frustrated regarding the competition. I have continued trying to upload my image without bloody success. Sorry, but this has really pissed me off.   

On the forum? Just post the picture somewhere else (like Flickr) and then embed it on the forum. 

Patrick Hall's picture

Yes please tell us how you are attempting to upload the image.  There is a little photo box that lets you paste the URL of your images and it should embed instantly.  

All sweet guys. Finally posted my image. LOL AHHHHHHH ! AHHHHHHH ! AHHHHHHH !
This may seem weird, but I don't really copy & paste. My problem was I was not pasting in the forum box. As Patrick mentions. I was pasting in comments post. Because I thought if I left my photostream page all copied information would be lost. LOL. AHHHHHHHH ! Now I have to grow back all that hair Iv'e been pulling out :)
I'm sure one day you'll have an idiot/no idea forum, which I'll be on :)
Either way, thanks guys for responding.