Call for Entries: Canon Female Photojournalist Award

For female photojournalists of all nationalities, The Canon Female Photojournalist Award has announced that it is open for entries until the 26th of this month. The €8000 (roughly $11,096) award is intended to help its recipient “produce an ongoing one year project which will lead to an exhibition or showing at the Festival in the 2015 edition.” The award is presented each year during Visa pour l’Image, the International Photojournalism festival in Perpignan, France. Visa pour l’Image takes place from August 30 to September 14.

The award was originally created by the French Association of Female Journalists (AFJ) by three of its members-Isabelle Fougère, Brigitte Huard, and Lizzie Sadin in an effort to encourage more women to enter the male-dominated field of photojournalism. Passed on to Canon and Images Evidence, the award is now sponsored by Elle Magazine.

For information about contest rules and how to apply, visit Visa pour l’Image’s website.

via British Journal of Photography

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Michael Buehrle's picture

will there also be a male photojournalist of the year award too ? come on canon, really ? thought everyone was supposed to be equal ?

Oliver Oettli's picture

Wow, great! Now where's the Male Photojournalist Award? Oh no wait, that would be politically incorrect, to exclude the women.

reddit kid's picture

Photography whoring? we're now paying $8000 just for a girl to hold a camera and tell story. I preferred the old style.