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Ruby Love
Lawrence, KS
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Photographer, writer, explorer based in Lawrence, KS.

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Ruby, please have a look at my work. Winner and loser of the world 2012 Nat.Geo . contest. :-)

I would be delighted to be published in one of your posts...
Here a more commercial approach. Cheers, Harry

Your stories always stand out uniquely among the gear/software/tech articles so prevalent on the fstoppers site. Really enjoy seeing stories on the good people out there doing good work - and mastering their craft... which may otherwise have gone unnoticed - thanks for your hard work! It makes a difference.

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Love your posts. The one on Lu Gen had some gwonderful street shots. It's interesting to see that some photographers from different parts of the world are doing their work on small mobile devices. Know any others doing artistic stuff worth posting?
Also, until I looked here I had no idea you were based out of Lawrence. I lived there also from '93 to 2004 and loved it. Great deal of good people.

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Thanks James, that's great to hear! I follow a lot of photographers who primarily shoot with their phones. Michael Christopher Brown is an interesting example of mobile photojournalism. For more artistic/design-based stuff, check out Øystein Halvorsen (@Oyshal on Instagram).

p.s. I love Lawrence! It's got a great-and super supportive-little community of artists. Some great work coming out of SeedCo in East Lawrence (