Here are the Winners of the 2015 Fstoppers Workshops Contests

Here are the Winners of the 2015 Fstoppers Workshops Contests

The 2015 Fstoppers Workshops is right around the corner, and 2 weeks ago we launched one final contest.  Today 5 lucky winners will receive a free spot in a class of their choosing and one of those winners will receive an additional free class, a paid flight to the Bahamas, and a free hotel room for the 6 day event.  If you entered this contest through one of our 5 social media platforms you definitely need to keep reading!

This year we wanted to make it extremely easy for everyone to enter into our final Fstoppers Workshop contest.  In order to prevent this contest from being limited to simply one social media platform, we decided to include 5 of our favorite photography based communities.  To enter, you simply had to either retweet the contest message, join our mailing list, or tell us the instructor and photography workshop that you were most excited to learn from and attend.  Over the weekend, we randomly picked 1 winner from all 5 platforms and then today we randomly picked one of those 5 winners as the grand prize winner.  

Here are the 4 Preliminary Winners from the following media platforms:

Fstoppers Community:  Congrats to Max Sall from Philadelphia!  Max was the random winner who posted a comment on the Fstoppers Contest Page.  From the looks of his comment, he has just won a spot in Mike Kelley's Architecture workshop!

Youtube Comment:  The winner of a free Fstoppers Workshops class from our Youtube comments goes to Julia Maass out of Sacramento, California.  We hope to see her in Aaron Nace's class.

Facebook Comment: The random winner from our Facebook Page is Sander Gabriel.  I could not figure out where Sander is from but I'm going to guess France or maybe Spain?  Either way, we hope to see Sander down in the bahamas attending Matthew Jordan Smith's amazing fashion workshop.  

Fstoppers Workshops Mailing List:  We also picked a random email from our Fstoppers Workshops mailing list and that lucky winner is Morten Opedal from Santa Barbara, California.  I'm not sure what class Morten is interested in but we hope to see him down in paradise with everyone. 

And the Grand Prize Winner of the 2015 Fstoppers Workshops Contest is.....

Twitter ReTweet:  Ernesto Borges!  Ernesto is a photographer from Caracas, Venezuela who might also live in California.  After we found out he won the grand prize we checked out his website which includes a lot of different commercial, sports, and editorial work.  It's a bit hard to tell exactly where Ernesto is from but I think he is going to be thrilled knowing he gets to hangout in the Bahamas for a week learning from some of the best photography instructors in the world.  Congrats!

If you are one of the lucky winners of this contest, please email us immediately so we can give you details about attending the workshop.  We want to thank everyone who entered into the contest and we hope to still see many of you down in the Bahamas in 6 weeks!  If you haven't yet signed up for one of this year's classes at the workshop, head over the the Fstoppers Workshops Class Page and contact us immediately.  Our $169 room rate will soon expire in early April and flights to the Bahamas will soon skyrocket in price.  If you have never heard of our workshop before, check out our promo video below.  





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Kendra Paige's picture

Congratulations to all of the winners, that's incredibly exciting!

Jose Miguel Stelluti's picture

Congratulations to everyone, especially my fellow countryman Ernesto Borges!!!!

Shavonne Wong's picture

Congrats everybody, was cool..!