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High School Senior Portraits

With Peter Hurley
Submit your best senior portraits for a chance to win a free Fstoppers' tutorial.
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We took a trip up to New York City last week and sat down with Peter Hurley to critique 20 high school senior portraits submitted by the community. Here are the results. 

Due to the short timeline of our trip to NYC, the submission period for this episode was a little shorter than most and the images we chose to be critiqued were selected almost as soon as the deadline closed. After we filmed the video, the community continued to rate the images and the highest rated image changed. Although Lee announces the image submitted by Marcos Hernandez as the winner, his top rated spot was soon overtaken by Joe Baker's image. We've decided to reward both entrants a free tutorial. Additionally, Daniel ORourke was selected as randomly chosen winner. Congratulations to all three of you, we will be in touch via your Fstoppers' profile to claim your prize. 

If you missed your chance to be part of this critique, join us for the next one. Although he wont be part of the judging process, Peter chose the next theme to be "Minimalistic." 

  • Submission Deadline: Thu, 24 May 18 16:00:00 +0000

    This contest has ended.

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I like the rating system. The levels are precisely defined, and are perfect for a site that has such a wide range of skill levels.

LOLed at Orange Face comment :D ... Honestly I was learning good posing tips from Peter in a critique video he had done with KelbyOne few years ago but today it felt like he was jet lagged ? too tired and sleepy? I learned and agreed from the FStoppers editor ( Patrick ? ) a lot more in this video to be honest.

He was definitely sleepy and could have used a nap before this video.

Hard to watch. I stopped after a few minutes.

Peter having trouble remembering the rating system is the best/funniest thing I’ve seen on these. He’s needs to be on again in a year to give him enough time to completely forget what he didn’t remember. Best guest so far.

I can understand that Peter falls asleep and is bored.
He criticised the fstoppers rating system (a thing we all do) and Lee doesn't give into it.
They renewed this "contest". So please renew the rating system! Because Peter is right "Then everything is a 2 and 3". To me, it seems that Peter has a way broader mind than Lee, who judges everything that it not a 5 as a 2 and 3.And Lee says already in the beginning that "almost everything is a 2 and a 3". So why don't we just skip the whole critique? Or make a rating system: 1 - Bad; 2 - Bad; 3 - Average; 4 - Lee Morris ; 5 - Something no human being can create.

If someone disagrees, he tries to drag him to his side. It's a pity that is less about critiquing than just convincing the other counterpart.

Lee constantly contradicts himself:
1) "If this was a Nike advertisement (needs clean-up of the blotches)"
So, is it Senior Portrait or High-End advertisement?
2) "When I think that some parents are wanting a great looking shot for their kid."
Suddenly he justifies his decision behind a different background.
3) "I like the image but she is too hot / modelly for a senior portraits"
The image is great but he just tries to nit-pick something that she is too young or too hot for senior portraits
4) "Clients, especially young people and their parents, they don't know and wouldn't even think it's been processed"
Comparing that statement with 1) it's comparing two completely different things.

So yeah, unfortunately the rating system doesn't represent much and I would like to encourage everyone badly rated in this critique to think in general 1* better of their image than judged in those critiques.

Guys, just because you shot a video doesn't mean you should have released it. This is painful. This is the first time I have ever bailed out in the middle of a critique the community video.

Nobody is benefiting from investing their time watching this.

Why is Lee so upset that Peter Hurley is being somewhat charitable with his critiques? Peter is trying to assume the point of view of a potential client for a senior portrait while Lee is trying to make these images into high fashion, corporate CEO headshots, movie star magazine covers. They're not on the same page.

who is the author of the picture they start reviewing at min 8:02?

"this is the worst critique ever." Truer words never spoken.

love it . funny ,honest .

Great critique, one of the funniest I've watched. Loved it!

One of the funniest critiques ever!

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