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Natural Light Architecture

With Mike Kelley
Show Us Your Best Natural Light Architecture Photographs
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Check out the full video of Mike Kelley and Lee Morris critiquing the best "natural light architecture photos."

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  • Submission Deadline: Sat, 12 Sep 20 06:00:00 +0000

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36:00 I think the lighting is somewhat interesting. Nonetheless, I do agree with Lee about the composition. The composition as is would make more sense to me, if the curtains were opened as it would drag you into the ocean. Now it looks like blown-out highlights. And the lights hanging down the ceiling are so jumbled up. Or is that art?

37:30 Very well spotted, Lee! I actually like Lee critiquing architecture. It's a nice combination with Mike. Lee goes more towards the "perfection" look - as much as I do in my architectural work - while Mike has gone a long road toning it down. Really interesting. And I think both have very valid POVs in this critique.

Thank you guys for critiquing my photo. Always love your input.

It took me a while to shoot it from 6:30-8pm. No flash, multiple exposures.

I saw the bad sky on the top left but if I cropped it it would crop the street light that I liked a lot. But I might 😀

"Rain" River! hahaha It's pronounced "rine".

This might easily be the Critique with the highest ratings from the Critiquers overall.

Other than the demeaning and unprofessional comments at the beginning about "hot girls" or "a lot of cleavage", it's a great critique of fantastic photos. Seriously, comments like that should never be on a public, professional platform.

Oh, hun, thank goodness some of us do.

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