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Submit Your Best Images With Unique Shadows
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In this week's contest, we want to see images that focus on the absence of light. We want to see the unique ways you've used shadows in your photography. 

Each photographer is allowed to submit up to three different entries. The highest-rated image and one random entry will both win a free tutorial from the Fstoppers Store. If you're unsure which tutorial you'd choose, may I suggest our newest tutorial, The Well-Rounded Photographer, that covers eight genres taught by eight different instructors. 

Featured Image by: Georgy Chernyadyev

  • Submission Deadline: Mon, 31 May 21 05:30:00 +0000

    This contest has ended.

  • Voting is closed.

  • 100 people have cast a total of 4,813 votes on 166 submissions from 92 contestants.
  • Congratulations to the winners!

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Any one else having the problem that your image doesn`t appear in the contest overall view? I have to click into "yours" pictures view to find it. But it gets votes.. And the recent B/W contest my picture is gone there also. But I can click into the first winner picture inn full screen mode and from there click further with the right arrow and then my picture appears. This is Extremely frustrating because I finished fourth and as an hobby photograper I am proud of that. And it would be so nice to take a screenshot of the highest rated view and show that to the model girl also. I have contacted Morris, but it is still gone. I have no problems with my Pc, and this is the first time I have experienced this at Fstoppers.

As for images submitted, I can see my test image.
As for your BW image, I can see that also.
If you believe you're still having issues, try contacting support at the bottom of the page:

Hi Thank`s a lot Eddie! I downloaded your screenshot so I can show the girl the fourth place :) And now suddenly I can see my car image in "all" mode. But the girl is still missing in my "all" and "highest rated" mode. This is very strange. Never happened to me before. But now I tried Microsoft edge browser without being logged in, and I can see the girl in the highest rated view... Maybe it suddenly is something with Firefox I am using that causes the problems?

I don't think the issue is with Firefox itself because I'm using it and don't see the issues you're having.

I brought up contacting support because last week (or two), they were having issues with all those tabs so I'm assuming there might be a bug after they've fixed it. The bug being you can't see your submissions in the 2 tabs.

Try these tests:

1. Log into Edge and see if the girl photo disappears from the Highest Rated tab.

2. Log out of Firefox, close and reopen, do not log in, and see if the girl photo appears in the Highest Rated tab.

If 1 and 2 = True, then, I could be right about the bug. Otherwise, it could be a Firefox extension, though, I'm pretty sure unlikely.

Thank`s for the tips. Now I have tried them and it seems that the only way for me to see the girl at the same time with other images is in M Edge. Both in an out logged works. But in Firefox nor in and out logged or close and reopen in or out logged works, it`s gone. The reason I contacted Morris was that I thought something happened when they "took it out" for critique in youtube.

I was having issues as well in Firefox. I opened it up in Chrome and it worked fine.

Based on your comment I tried with Microsoft Edge browser and there it is! Thank`s Bennion!

the voting on these photos are so funny. It's just a bunch of salty photographers down voting others.

Did they hurt your feelings?

all the feelings haha. No I just see amazing photos with such low ratings. My feeling are never hurt.

I've been seeing the same problem and I have a pretty good eye for true art. I agree about members down voting others. It's healthy for us to join these sights but not if we have ruthless members taking the fun out of it.

The first rule of photography contests is follow the guidelines and your 3 photos, good as they are, do not make a feature of shadows.
Salty Photographer

But he clearly wrote in the description that shadows are present. So they follow the guidelines.
Sarcastic Photographer

exactly! guidelines were followed 😂

Bro, it's a girl touching her vagina and she's lit with a flashlight. I don't know what else to say. The exposure is off on all of them. If I told you "especially that one," would you know which one I was talking about? There's no professional posing or professional lighting added. Just pretty girls being naked while you document the fact that pretty girls were naked in front of you. The best thing to do is to take all your pictures that have been rated 1 star, and sit and learn why. You can do that by studying others who are well regarded in your genre and seeing what is the difference between your photos and theirs. Learn lighting, learn posing, learn composition, learn camera settings, learn angles, learn post processing. Learn how to close the gap between 1s and 5s. It seems you have no shortage of models willing to work with you. So it should be easy to progress if you want to.

If I go and edit the description of my entry does it mess up that entry at all, now that the voting is closed?

Don't think so, but if you don't want to risk it write the edit in a comment. Not sure they will read it during the live critique though

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