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Congratulations to the lucky 20 images chosen for this Critique the Community, and congrats to the top rated image by Alexis Cuarezma. This week's random winning submission goes to Chris Manning.  Please contact Lee Morris to claim your free tutorial from the Fstoppers Store.

If you want to submit to our next Critique the Community, you can post your best "quirky" photos here:  Make sure your enter your photos by January 29th at 11:15pm Eastern Time for your chance to make the next episode! 

  • Submission Deadline: Sat, 25 Jan 20 03:00:00 +0000

    This contest has ended.

  • 523 people have cast a total of 40,158 votes on 594 submissions from 386 contestants.
  • Congratulations to the winners!

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yea it seems they want everyone to be natgeo shots; i have lots of photos that do good locally but on here it seems everyones photos sucks; im about done with this site and well not hard to post it all over social media

I have to agree with you. I just looked over the results, and it is quite confusing. It looks like out of 620 images entered, on a scale from 1 to 5, only 49 of them were rated 3.0 or higher. Two photos tie for the top rating with a measly 3.6.

A 3 means "solid", while 4 means "excellent". So this community, collectively, did not think that any of the 620 images were excellent.

Less than 3 means either "needs work" or "snapshot". Sadly, it seems that the Fstoppers comminuty, collectively, does not place as high a value on action images as they do on set-up model and landscape imagery.

People routinely post photos here to Fstoppers that are obviously photoshopped - they don't even look like real life scenes, resembling a mixture of photography and digital art - and those images regularly receive ratings in the 4 to 5 range.

It does seem that there is a weird, awkward bias here that seems to favor fantastically photoshopped photos of people and of landscapes.

If you have a shot of a human model or of a landscape, and you tinker with it enough in Photoshop so that it doesn't look just like real life anymore, then you can get a high rating. Problem is, those kind of photos are appalling to my eyes, and to my common sense.

I had thought I would enjoy being a part of this community, but it seems that the genres I like the most are the ones that aren't real popular here, while the genres I don't have any interest in at all are the ones that people here value the most. Whatever.

Snow, helicopter, people in sky clothes, LOL

the community of fstoppers needs to read your post tom and realize that otherwise this site will go down like a lot of others and be forgotten in the future

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