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2.08 - "Needs Work" 

This is a photo of Ryan Button doing a truck driver to fakie at the fbm warehouse in Ithaca, NY. This photo was featured on

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I really like this rather than your other one here. Easy to say, but I would like not to see the light source in the ceilling nor the rider's shadow on the wall. Both things are kind of distracting though the shot itself it's great.

I agree with the shadow thats the only thing that I've come to like less about this photo. The light on the source in the ceiling is what it is. This was the best angle possible and cropping it out post would kill the framing I think.

Funny thing about the other photo is that it's rated higher on my fstoppers profile and it's the more popular of the two photos with the bmx community. I think that it funny that in this particular contest this photo is doing better

Definitely not saying your opinion is wrong just explaining. Thanks for your feed back!

I voted up your picture but unfortunately it doesn't help you that much.
The concept is good and there is a lot to look at. The only thing I would have changed is to crop the image from the lower right corner to get closer to the cyclist. The background and the ramp take so much attention that the cyclist disappears in the flow of information.
Well done, I like your photo!

I respect your opinion and thank you for the vote, but with bmx photography a photo like that wouldn't do well in the market. The ramp and environment are as much the subject as the rider. Not cropping the ramp is essential to making a proper photo.
You have to show what the situation was for the trick to happen.
Its more documentary photography than visual art I guess. But we do our best to do our job and try to make it interesting to look at.