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Critique the Community: Moody
  • Submission Deadline: Thu, 31 Oct 19 15:00:00 +0000

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It's time for another Critique the Community and this time we are going with the theme "Moody." Submissions can be anything from moody landscapes to dramatic portraits to upset children from a recently family portrait session. Whatever qualifies as your best moody image, we want to see it.

Submit up to two of your best photographs that capture the essence of moody for a chance to win a free tutorial from the Fstoppers Store.

The deadline to submit your images is October 31st by noon eastern time. Good luck and we hope to see some amazing image from everyone in our photography community!

  • Submission Deadline: Thu, 31 Oct 19 15:00:00 +0000

    This contest has ended.

  • Voting is closed.

  • 788 people have cast a total of 64,862 votes on 1,070 submissions from 668 contestants.
  • Congratulations to the winners!

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Previous comments

It is really simple, if you submit you should not be allowed to vote.

Don’t know that the community is large enough to support this idea. Each photo may have like 10 votes which is nowhere near enough to form a meaningful consensus. That said, one could argue what we now is not a meaningful consensus either. Oh well at least it’s entertaining.

exactly, but would you rather have 10 honest opinions or 50 skewed opinions because they want to win a tutorial. I also like the thought of if you give it less than a 3 you have to give your reasons.

There's some really nice images submitted, not sure how they will pick the 20 ones for the critique!

I just posted my 2nd image to this contest. I'm new to contests on fstoppers. I just like engaging with the community.

I just joined the community today, and this is my first contest; been watching the videos for a little bit now and decided to jump in.

I see I'm late for the bitching about the contest voting. ;)
I know it will never happen, but the voting system for contests should be a bit different because apart from the QUALITY of the photo (which is fine for portfolios) there's also the ADEQUACY aspect which is important for the subject. I see some great and well executed pictures which I just don't find "moody". And labeling them with "Needs work" seems unfair.
Damn, I'm not even sure mine is "moody" enough... XD

Rating is not, the description is. ;)

I don't see why everyone is fussing about if the image fits the category. If it doesn't, then we will not pick it for the critique and it will ultimately be disqualified. You can give 1 star ratings for images that don't fit but in the end, we aren't going to pick an image to include that doesn't fit the theme.

I trust you will not. So the voting is virtually... unnecessary?

I posted my first submission. I'm grown enough to accept criticism. I would however like to point out what is in my picture. One handheld speedlite above, tungsten and diffused window camera right, light illuminates front and back of crystal and copper pot tones the table. At least it's not a snapshot.

Be prepared for hell... :)

This scores makes me realize that photographers are so harsh to each other. We should practice less Ego and more motivation. Every one is here for this same beautiful passion 😌

It seems to me that people don't realize that a 3 rating also still needs work.


thanks for the contest amazing user

. . talking about all the moodyness I just gotta say that "it don´t mean a thing if it ain´t got that swing"

1119 submissions. Is that the highest in any contest so far?

They should only review photos fitting the theme.

"moody" is a very wide and subjective term. Except for some obvious outliers that do not fit, it will be a very hard selection for them.

You're right. This time it's very broad. But sometimes it's a much narrower subject and the pictures themes are all over the place

Aww I missed it

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