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Critique the Community: Moody
  • Submission Deadline: Thu, 31 Oct 19 15:00:00 +0000

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It's time for another Critique the Community and this time we are going with the theme "Moody." Submissions can be anything from moody landscapes to dramatic portraits to upset children from a recently family portrait session. Whatever qualifies as your best moody image, we want to see it.

Submit up to two of your best photographs that capture the essence of moody for a chance to win a free tutorial from the Fstoppers Store.

The deadline to submit your images is October 31st by noon eastern time. Good luck and we hope to see some amazing image from everyone in our photography community!

  • Submission Deadline: Thu, 31 Oct 19 15:00:00 +0000

    This contest has ended.

  • Voting is closed.

  • 808 people have cast a total of 66,766 votes on 1,100 submissions from 690 contestants.
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Greg Desiatov's picture

Ok, here we go.

Start your usual moaning about the scoring here.... :P

Nick Viton's picture

5 stars for EVERYONE!!!

Andres Entuna's picture

To maybe help and try counter the low scoring of the community, here's how I will score the photos that I will rate.. I will only do two scores.. if I see that the photo does need improvement, I will rate it as a 2.. if I see a photo being portfolio worthy, i will give it an automatic 5 :D

Nick Cooper's picture

If you are handing out 5 stars ill definitely take one lol but sometimes people hand out weird rating. I had a studio image before that got abunch of 1 stars which by itself is impossible by the grading system.

Nick Viton's picture

DONE! You get a 5!, and YOU get a 5!, and YOU get a 5!... weeeeeeee

Nick Viton's picture

Guess who just got a 5? RUTH!!!

Ruth Carll's picture

That makes 2! NICK!!!

Przemek Lodej's picture

I'm done posting my images to these contests. Could care less about rating, but why are people so damn lazy to actually critique the photos is beyond me.

Ron Cunningham's picture

I agree, if you’re going to rate “needs work” then put in the comments what you think it needs. If you don’t know what it needs then rate it a 3

Przemek Lodej's picture

Agreed. The rating system on this site is an utter joke and is totally useless.

Ron Cunningham's picture

The problem is not the rating system is the people who rate. If you put an image on your profile, not in the contest, you get rated higher. As soon as you put an image in a contest it becomes a bitchfest! “That image is better than mine so I’ll mark it low”
Example is the image I’ve put into this months contest is being marked as a “3” but on my profile it’s a “4”

Przemek Lodej's picture

Agreed. I have a few images on my profile that are a solid 3.5 and here I barely got a 2. I'd love to know who rates them so that I could ask why they rate them so low. I noticed a few people don't have a single photo in their profile yet they are allowed to rate other users. Kind of odd.

Angela Perez's picture

I have an image in my portfolio that is rated 4 and has 60+ votes plus is image of the day I submitted here now and the first vote was a 1 lol

Because it’s a contest not a critique.

liliumva's picture

I ain't even mad. I got 1 *'s within a minute of posting hah!

Greg Desiatov's picture

There's some great work in there!!

Great subject idea.

Nick Cooper's picture

Which one got a 1? Thats crazy? I cant wait till I get some votes. im curious. Every photo I love is voted super low, ones I think are okay people love. I love the one image I posted so far. So i believe it will get 2...

liliumva's picture

Both of them! I'm not even mad, just find it hilarious that they both got 1* right off the bat hah even though the black and red one won me some money! :P

Greg Desiatov's picture

You gotta remember that they may be low scores but, everyone is getting low scores so it evens out anyway

Adam Stevenson's picture

Exactly. I don't mind low scores. The system is what it is. 5 stars is 'world class'. I'm aiming for an 3 - one day!

1 star? People were scared. I've seen a kid (actually 12 of them) from your photo in a dream.

In fact, they were not that evil... Just normal kids - always try to kill themselves or somebody around...

Angela Perez's picture

I got some ones too right off the bat but thank god for the fair people that even me out a bit by voting fair and one of the photos is even photo of the day so I know is not an accurate representation and is just people hating lol

Mark Mann's picture

I think some rate everything 1 and they are quick to do so!

So far mine has a rating of 2.08, need some work done on it. I'd really like to know what needs to be done on it but they don't leave comments so there you go!

Alberto Alanis's picture

1 star for everyone! Only Patrick and Lee can get 5 stars!

I went from 3.4 to 2.9 in the past 8 votes. I feel abused. ;)

The only thing that may happen with your rating after a start of a contest - it drops :)

Hmm, this doesn't seem right. Voting should not open until all submissions are in, and submissions should be hidden until then. Then, once all submissions are in, the gallery should be made visible. The way it's set up, images that got in earlier have more time to collect votes than images that came in later. I'm sure this has been brought up before, but I'm new to the contests.

And? It’s all about average number, not sum of votes.

Angela Perez's picture

sum of votes matter because if 2 people rate something a 4 it gives average rating of 4 versus an image that was rated by 100 people so is not really an accurate rating people with less votes are bound to have higher ratings than those with more votes as the more votes that are in the more it thins out the average.

Adrian Bateman's picture

Yeah but it would take too long to wait for all the shots to be in and then have a voting period. Its an imperfect system but its fine for what it is.

Gonzalo Alvarez's picture

Wow! amazing shots... congrats for everyone!

Cordell Hull's picture

Is it possible to see a breakdown of votes on a post? How many 1's 2's or 3's you get?

Chase Wilson's picture

You don't want to do that to yourself.

I'd rather see a break out of "Community" and "Staff" votes.

The community is a bunch of animals.

Robert Tran's picture

This legit made me chuckle.

Digging this theme and lot of the uploads thus far.

Welcome to photographers’ community, where ISIS sounds friendly.

Chase Wilson's picture

For what it's worth, I gave yours a 4.

Angela Perez's picture

Someone literally rated my images a 1. I went from a 5 and 3 notifications of people liking my image which you get when is rated 4 or higher and the image says the average rating is a 3 out of 4 votes meaning someone gave me a 1 to bring the score all the way down I get art is subjective but I doubt an image that was picked as image of the day here is a 1 why are people so petty rating everyone else a 1 won't make your images stand out.

Mary Bel's picture

Really? ugh that's discouraging. Probably haters? lol you work is worth high ratings so...yea, haters lol.

heikoknoll's picture

Concerning your images, I rated them as 3/4 -- but when it comes to expressing your thoughts in a understandable way I actually have to give you a 2. ;-)

Mark Ensbey's picture

I don't care about the ratings anymore, I'm more frustrated at the lack of genuine posting to the actual theme.
Come on, some of the entries are not even close.

Ron Cunningham's picture

Maybe they think “I was in a mood when I took the picture” 😂

Mark Wyatt's picture

I think that is the subjective part, but I agree that some are a stretch.

Totally agree. I think the kid clutching the railing has more "moody" then almost all the others; it's a kid clutching a post!

You see, these images make you moody :)

Ruth Carll's picture

I wish there was an "off topic" option. On another site I participate in, if you get 5, a vote comes up "Off Topic? Yes / No" and 5 yes votes and it's pulled.

Ben Delves's picture

That's when I give it a 1. Not in theme should be a 1 in my opinion. Anything that is applicable to the theme is then rated above that.

Joel Lam's picture

Moody is gonna be super subjective. Can't wait to see what people submit. People are always gonna be savage on the rating system but oh wells!

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