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1.88 - "Needs Work" 

I'm new to photography, I took this pic after watching an F-Stoppers video on under exposing, in my first week of buying my first camera. Little Newt has the sun directly behind her head. Its only basically adjusted in Lightroom, I'm sure a more skilled Photoshopper could do a better job, but I love it the way it is, as it shows Newts personality perfectly. Also the teddy to the right is Newts favourite toy, "Humpy".

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It looks like your focus is on Newt's neck and I would love to have the focus on their eyes and face.

Once you've been bit by the photography bug there is no stopping it!
Really cool to see someone new to photography submitting photos!
Being that you're shooting into the sun you're dealing with both super over exposures and under exposures, and you've done well to bring out Newt (cute) so clearly.

Tips for next time: Think about your background a bit more (hard with pets as they love to move) & try have your subject lit from the side to save yourself in editing.