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We've all taken a photo of a pet, a landscape, a flower, or a girl walking on train tracks. We don't want to see any of that, unless of course you've figured out a way to do one of these cliche shots in a different way. We want to see something unique. Maybe you came up with a really unique concept, photographed a totally different subject, or used some sort of different lighting or post-processing. 

We want to see images that are different from what casual photographers around the world are producing. 

  • Submission Deadline: Sun, 05 Jan 20 18:00:00 +0000

    This contest has ended.

  • Voting is closed.

  • 644 people have cast a total of 49,877 votes on 669 submissions from 438 contestants.
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Previous comments

The fact that composites or "created" images always get rated higher is just normal FStoppers. This community has always leaned more towards digital art than photography. Look at any of the top rated images on the site and you'll see there's almost nothing real about them.

right to all of you who seem to struggle to read, what they are asking for is "images diffrent from what casual photographers around the world are producing". right that honestly cant be that hard to make a sound judgment around can it?

lets give some exapmles ok:

girl sat on a bench: NOT UNIQUE

girl holding a guitar with a bloody flame coming out the top: UNIQUE

A duck landing on water: NOT UNIQUE

A lego clone trooper looking into a coffee cup: UNIQUE

right is that easy enough to understand then?

I think the term "unique" is so subjective. What is unique to one person is normal to another. I put a photo in that is unique to me, it is not what I normally shoot but I love the look of the photo and the history behind it. There are a lot of really good photos in this critique. I wish it was more open for everyone to critique eachother and not just down vote everyone, hoping to win a tutorial. If you want one that bad, just buy one.

Well, after almost three hours I managed to get through the 412 images submitted so far. Obviously with so many images it isn't possible to give critiques or rating justifications on even a quarter of them. It kind of makes me wonder if there should be a submit limit of one instead of three. It would force people to choose their best.

There are a lot of fantastic images here this time around. Looking forward to the critique vid.

I noticed that Fstoppers seems to downsample images. When I look at the ones I've posted now and in the past, they are at a lower resolution on the site than the versions I uploaded which downgrades the texture of the images. In the future, could Fstoppers allow for higher resolution?

Not sure if it's only me but the website seems to have a glitch of some sort. I can't view some photos especially after scrolling down. Anyone else?

Yeah I am having to refresh or restart my browser every once in a while

Over the past few days I've noticed a glitch where the "Load More" button extends the page but dose not load the images nearly 50% of the time; was working fine the other day and months. Nothings changed on my end. There is a hiccup, somewhere, someplace. I use Firefox, so perhaps a patch rolled thru? No idea... But annoying as heck.. heh.

Yes, exactly the same problem. I've been having it for a few days now. I hope it gets looked into.

I wonder if the image database is starting to degrade or have issues. I just hit the Load More and it popped up the exact same set of images as duplicates. :-/

Here's hoping IT is on it or aware of it.

Does anybody know when will the critique be streamed or aired?

Does anybody know when this critique will be airing or streamed?

What I am seeing is duplicate images 7 rows of images duplicated on the first page before the LOAD MORE

Never mind.

But that’s the point of a themed contest. It’s a challenge for someone who shoots nothing but landscapes, fashion, portraits or whatever genre you’re locked into, to break away and do something else. It doesn’t matter if it’s the best macro you’ve ever shot or the best nude you’ve ever done, if it isn’t unique (and the boys were very clear - through great sarcasm - that they were not looking for the same old thing), it isn’t right. If you can’t create within the “unique” or “out of the ordinary” topic, this particular contest isn’t for you. Wait for the next one that fits what you do. Bending the theme because an image happens to be shot well, but doesn’t fit the topic means it gets judged down - as far as I’m concerned. Just because a house painter is great, doesn’t mean we should accept purple on the walls, when it was supposed to be white.

Why have some people been able to post more than 1 image? That doesnt seem very fair does it.

Normally there is a limit of two images per-person; seems that it's set higher for this contest for whatever reason... Some have mentioned adding three images, it might be more..

If you have more then one image you'd like to add, I'd say go for it... You can only add one image at a time, but just go thru the same process for each image.

First i wanna say that there is a lot of great pictures to choose from.

The word unique is is a very broad word like mentioned in previous comments.

But you take the description and actually read it. Its not about the subject or location of the photograph. But more about the composition. I was excited about this critique (not contest) because i agree with Lee and Patrick, there are so many of the same taken shots out there, that its nice to see something new. (My words, not theres) take for instances cityscape and landscape photographers. When they get to a location everyone wants that same shot that made them say "wow" or go to that specific location, which is fine but its already been done. How about saying "lets try something different, lets move over here, because thats been done before". Could be the same subject but a different composition and look like a completely different place.

We need to push ourselves as creators, because thats what its about. Lets show the world how we see it. Not as the person person before us did.

Thats what makes photography great.

I haven't figured out how to check photo rankings. How is it done?

This is the worst selection by far. I just cant believe how the majority of people have the nerve to submit something that is not even the mobile shot during morning running in the late 2003 when mobiles didn't even had cameras. Literally 5 images with unique quality to them. I gave up after maybe 300 images. My eyes hurt.. bleed...

That’s an answer! :) well I’m glad to be in your selection then!

Actually you were. Awesome portfolio! I love your talent to portray a movement, strong angles and color. Perfect!

Thank you very much, I appreciate!!

I agree with Natasha. I love your work.

Thank you so much!

I truly feel like my photo is pretty unique. If you've seen something similar I'd like to see it. Might not be something you like and that's fine

I cant imagine why would you feel triggered by my comment... Except trying to attract votes to your submission... Good luck.

You say there were only a hard fall that you felt were actually unique. I feel there are more but also a lot that are not. I don't really care about the contest. I just submit cause I'm on here and that's what we do haha. My comment was I guess "digging" for your opinion. If you actually think mine is unique or not.
So not really triggered more curious if my photo was in the hand full.

I would like to make a few suggestions that I believe would make these contests better.

First... I do wish you would limit the number of entries to a reasonable number...say 200. I do not have the time to go through 500 plus entries and rate them properly. I understand some really deserving images will not get in but those that do will get more equal consideration.

Second... I think it better if you do not allow image rating until image entry has closed. Then we could make our ratings in one setting. It is not always easy to find time even for 200 images so doing the rating all at once would be more convenient.

Third... Once entries are entered and before rating is allowed the images should be re-shuffled randomly and re-stacked. I believe there is a definite advantage to late entries that are at the top of the list. Most people I believe, me included, may start rating but when our eyes glass over we quit leaving early entries not rated at all. There is no real away around this but a little random stacking may give early and late entries a chance at a preferred spot.


Do you really need to spend more than 5 seconds a photo to determine your rating? I click the rating an arrow through pretty fast.

I admit I may be a little lazy but I spend maybe 10 seconds especially if i read the descriptions. I think reading the descriptions important in this type of contest. But even at 5 seconds with a little more between pictures you are still talking near an hour and a half of concentration to get through 500 plus entries. To me that is just too long for most people. Could be wrong though.

I think I average about 1 second a photo.

First impressions are important and like you I usually make a quick choice...but sometimes it takes a little longer.

I like your suggestions, Butch!!

I have received a notification saying someone, I shan’t say who in case I’ve got this all wrong, "likes" the image I have entered in this contest. I can’t see any way of "liking" an image, I can’t see a like button and I wondered how one does this. I wanted to thank the person concerned, if I’ve got this right, but can’t find how to private message them either.

Liking is a result of someone rating 4 or 5 stars

Thanks Tom. I am utterly amazed and deeply flattered and thank the person who rated it

No problem, anytime. It's a pretty satisfying feeling

just a question ,why the winner will need a free tutorial with his skills ?

1. Lee and Patrick can hand out free stuff on their site as they please.

2. The photographer can choose a topic not in their skill set. serious man

2.the loser need more help i think

Then how do you pick the worst or the one that needs more help? It's good that they reward a random person and the one who has stood out the most.
It's a contest after all.

People will just submit bad photos.

Is the WINNER if free to choose a Tutorial that is out of their realm of comfort zone. Say a Landscape winner may choose a Wedding tutorial.

Don't forget the one random winner gets a free tutorial.

My voting is a little odd. I'm giving the normal rating, and then adding one star, or not changing, or deducting a star based on the uniqueness of the photo.

A lot of grumpy people here...

Lol it's true!

Haha, glad I’m not the only one that thought so.

Does someone know when the results are going to be announced?


They also just experienced and earthquake.

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