Critique the Community Episode 19: Architectural Photography with Mike Kelley

The Fstoppers team has been working on a new project with Mike Kelley. Two weeks ago, we asked you all to submit your best Architectural images to be critiqued by Lee and Mike. We had some great submissions, and 20 images were selected to be reviewed. Check it out to see if your image was selected, and hear great advice on how to better your architectural photography. 

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Jeff McCollough's picture

Thanks Lee and Mike for the tips. The photo was a a bit rushed as it was during a wedding and so I didn't have time to set up a tripod and arrange everything perfectly. After seeing your crop you guys are completely correct about the crop really improving it. I really don't remember what that spot on the ceiling is was. I'll fix those errors in PS and keep your tips in mind for future shoots.

Vladimir Ambia's picture

Thanks guys! I appreciate the 3 and almost 4 from Lee :).

Anirudh Shankar's picture

Wow! Incredible images, Thanks so much for the critique guys! Never thought it would help this much.

Paolo Veglio's picture

Thanks for the feedback guys!
On my defense, I was sort of forced on that angle, there was a traffic light on the left and too many trees on the right :(
Other than that, I can't but agree with all of your comments

Awesome images, hope sometime in future will get to venture into architectural photography

Trevor Schneider's picture

Thank you so much for the critique Lee & Mike!
It is a color photo. You can see the subtle blue tone in the glass on the right. It does actually look the way you see it. There are five lights total. One strait on, one on each side and one shooting up and down each of the stairs to bring out the detail of the textured wall.

Fraser Almeida's picture

Thanks again Lee & Mike. I really appreciate these video critiques you do, they definitely help. Its nice to get the perspective from others of what they like or don't like. Also thank you for reviewing 3 of my images @25:04 , @33:59 & @41:51, that was great to get the critiques on each of them. I always say you never stop learning or growing and having these videos you make help me and i'm sure others become better at their craft. Thank again!!! Looking forward to Mikes next tutorial.

Lee Morris's picture

Haha how in the world did you get 3 of your images in the list??

Fraser Almeida's picture

haha I don't have a clue, but i'm very appreciative of it. It was so funny, i was watching the video and was like, ok nice I got 1, then what 2, then wow 3 lol. Either way, thanks for the awesome critiques! I actually messaged David saying thanks for the 3 picks lol.

David Strauss's picture

You're very welcome. Normally I try to spread out my picks and make sure we dont have them come from the same person but you must have spread out your submissions enough that I didn't notice =).

Cris Magsino's picture

thank you so much guys for the honor! thank you Lee and Mike for the kind review :)