DJI Drones Essential in Helping to Stop Notre Dame Fire

DJI Drones Essential in Helping to Stop Notre Dame Fire

Firefighters in Paris were able to use DJI Mavic Pro and Matrice M210 drones to track the fires flames in real time.

France’s Ministry of the Interior deployed DJI Mavic Pro drones to aid the Paris Fire Brigade by providing an aerial view of the fire. This allowed the firefighters to pinpoint exactly what areas of the fire to attack first and how to most effectively position the fire hoses. The result was of course that the Notre Dame was able to be saved.  It could have been a lot worse. A spokesperson for the Paris firefighters stated to USAinformations that, ”it is thanks to these drones, this new technique absolutely essential today that we could make tactical choice to stop the fire at a time when it would potentially occupy the two belfries.”

Drones with 4k cameras are extremely effective in rescue situations and are being used more and more because not only are they cost efficient, costing far less than deploying helicopters, but they are also fast and detailed. Drones can get to locations faster and more efficiently than traditional measures and are small enough to navigate areas that could otherwise prove difficult to access. Case and point, Notre Dame. Those equipped with 4k video and thermal technology, provide incredibly detailed information helping first responders make knowledgeable decisions quickly and efficiently.

Flying drones over Paris is actually not typically allowed and the drones are geo-blocked from going to “no-fly” areas, however DJI was able to unblock the restriction in the case of Notre Dame.

Lead photo by Matic Holobar from Pexels

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Good thing they didn't follow Trump's suggestion of using planes to dump water from the sky. Drones down!

Tell me about it. lol

Somewhat off topic... But I'm wondering about the reports that it was nearly 30 minutes before any firefighters arrived and another 55 minutes after that before the first aerial truck arrived and they began doing anything.

The report I heard is that the first tanker was on-site 6 minutes after the initial call.

Yes, because the closest fire stations are some 400 meters from there. But the reinforcements coming from other fires stations had to face the rush hour traffic, rended worse by measures taken few years ago by the present mayor.