Fstoppers' First Look at the New DJI Mavic Pro 2

Fstoppers' First Look at the New DJI Mavic Pro 2

Ever since its release in 2016, the DJI Mavic Pro has been one of the most popular, portable drones on the market. It's camera quality, size, and ease of use helped it become one of the best selling drones ever.

Today, DJI announced that it has updated this fan favorite and added a few great features. I was lucky enough to have the opportunity of seeing the Mavic Pro 2 a few days prior to its launch when I went to visit DJI Headquarters in NYC. I was able to hold the drones, fly them, and even test some of the new features they have to offer. Here is my hands-on experience with this new beauty.

Two New Versions

Not only did DJI upgrade the original Mavic Pro, now called the Mavic 2 Pro, they added a new model, dubbing it the Mavic 2 Zoom. Both versions sport the new beefier design, but with the same folding portability. 

Mavic Pro Family Stacked

Mavic 2 Pro

Let me start by introducing some of the new upgrades for the Mavic 2 Pro, which now offers a Hasselblad camera, 1-inch sensor shooting at  20 MP, an adjustable aperture (f/2.8-f/11), 14 stops of dynamic range, and it also utilizes Hasselblad's unique Natural Color Solution (HNCS) technology. On top of that, video capabilities have been improved, and this version of the drone is able to shoot in H.264 and H.265 at up to 100 Mb/s in full 4K UHD. The truth is, this drone doesn't only open a new world to photographers, but it opens up one for videographers as well.

Mavic Pro 2 Hasselblad camera

This drone is a little beast of its own. Take the Phantom 4 Pro and pack it into the size of a Mavic Pro. Sold. This is literally the perfect camera for aerial photography. This drone will also be capable of shooting video in some new color profiles, one being 10 bit Dlog-M, providing pilots with up to four times more color than the previous version. Being able to hold this drone and compare it to my Mavic Pro, I thought about how convenient this is about to be. Preorder the Mavic 2 Pro for $1,449.

Mavic 2 Zoom 48 MP image capture

Mavic 2 Zoom

The Mavic 2 Zoom is a little bit of surprise, because it offers an optical zoom of 24mm-48mm, with the digital zoom taking it to 96mm. The CMOS sensor size of the Mavic 2 Zoom is the same size as the original Mavic Pro at 1/2.3 inch. Photos are still at 12 MP, but this version can now utilize a new "Super Resolution" feature that uses optical zoom to capture and stitch nine photos together for a 48 MP image.

Mavic 2 Zoom gimbal

After flying the Hasselblad version, I think the zoom version kinda blew my mind. Having the ability to use this optical zoom makes me feel as if I'm flying my Inspire 2. Since I've been doing so much more video lately, I feel like the zoom is going to be a blast to mess around with when it comes to adding motion to my video work. Preorder the Mavic 2 Zoom for $1,249.

New QuickShot Modes

Dolly Zoom

This is an exclusive feature on the Mavic 2 Zoom that is used with the optical zoom. A dolly zoom is an effect common in movies that keeps the subject the same size while the background appears to be moving. In order to create this effect, the drone must fly backwards while zooming in to create that warped look. Though this is technically considered a QuickShot, it can also be controlled on the top right of the controller by the pilot in any manual mode as well.


This has to be something a lot of drone pilots have been waiting for. A hyperlapse is capable of producing a shot that pretty much shows the passing of time. All in all, a hyperlapse is a moving time-lapse, but now, you will have unlimited space to create any sort of motion you want to add. In this mode, you have the option to control the movement of the drone manually, fly in a circle, use a course lock, or even set a waypoint. With all these options, creating a hyperslapse with your drone will now be easier than ever.

Upgraded Specs

Mavic Pro 2 bottom obstacle avoidance

Mavic Pro 2 top and side obstacle avoidance

Obstacle Avoidance

This drone now has 10 sensors, which means obstacle avoidance on every single side. This adds a lot of safety for pilots and can be beneficial to use in a lot of situations, one being the updated APAS mode which allows you to fly in a straight line as the drone senses obstacles and avoids them using its new technology.

Stronger Gimbal

With a new design, the new gimbal on both the Mavic Pro 2 and Mavic 2 Zoom is much stronger and more well designed than the previous version. This allows for better movement when traveling at higher speeds, which can be a huge plus for achieving certain shots.

Built-in Memory

A few months ago, the Mavic Air was announced, and one very unique feature it had was 8 GB of onboard memory. The Mavic 2 will now offer 8 GB of onboard memory as well, which really can come in handy.

Mavic Pro 2 props

Motors and Props 

The motors on this version are now slightly bigger for additional power when needed, and the props are built to be quieter like they are on the Mavic Pro Platinum. The Mavic 2 is capable of speeds up to 44 mph (72 km/h)

Flight Time

With a sleeker design, this new drone's aerodynamic build can reduce body drag by up to 19 percent. With all of these new design elements, this drone is said to fly for about 31 minutes. Realistically, I think people will average out around 25-minute flight times, which is far from something to complain about.

Mavic Pro 2 Hasselblad


Aside from the slight change in color, this new controller offers a few more unique features. In fact, the whole drone offers a lot more unique features, but the most important one when it comes to the controller is OcuSync 2. If you are unfamiliar with this, it is the video transmission between your drone and your controller that is able to show you what your drone is seeing. On top of having a little bit more interference resistance, we will now be able to see a 1080p video transmission to our screens over the previous 720p. With a range up to 8 km (4.97 miles) and the clear signal they claim this new drone has, it's going to be hard to not want to fly it all the time.

Like the Mavic Air, you can now unscrew the knobs and tuck them away if you want (I find this really helpful if I ever need to stick my controller in some sort of tight space). There are now cut-outs on the phone holder for access to the home button, along with an added control on the top right for zoom control. You can also download everything directly to your phone if you are shooting in a compatible file format. 

Mavic Pro 2 controller

Mavic Pro 2 controller

My Thoughts

I cannot wait to test both versions of this drone out. I think they are about to be two of the best, most unique drones on the market strictly because of the Mavic's reputation for setup and portability. I'm also very excited to see which drone will be more popular. For me, I'm thinking I may really like the zoom feature for video work, but I also know I am going to want that awesome photo quality on the Hasselblad version as well.

Preorder is open for both the Mavic 2 Zoom and Mavic 2 Pro.

I am a huge nerd when it comes to drones and have been flying for over 4 years. I enjoy doing aerial photography as my personal work but shoot tons of video for work as well. I am a part of Simply Visual Productions and Simply Sounds, working my way into an industry I couldn't be happier to be a part of.

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Holy HE double hockey sticks. This thing looks awesome. I wish I had the coin to throw down right now, but I guess blood donation will be on the weekly.
The specs.... awesome. I will love to see how we do with that H camera, and all the glory that comes along with that. I guess I will finally own a Hasselblad...that f'ing flies.
So stoked.

Pretty sweet. I'll probably be getting the Pro 2.

I love them throwing on the word Hasselblad to the camera after buying the company. It's amusing because it means absolutely nothing to photographers in the know but might catch the eye of a normal consumer looking into a new drone.

Maybe I'm not in the know, but my inclination is that just maybe the relationship is starting to produce some cross technological advancements. Even some minor improvements to the overall image rendering makes me a little happy.

My speculation was just them throwing the name on there because they can and the actual camera would be the same with or without the acquisition of Hasselblad. I could be totally wrong though.

“Photographers in the know”. Dude wake up, marketing wasn’t born yesterday, this shit has been happening since the invention of trading spices.

The blad H6D is considered the top of the heap for fashion and higher end portrait photography (and I know one landscape photog that uses one). @ about $40-50k for a kit I don't think people shell out that kind of money unless it truly is the best. People in the know will know that.

The camera in the Mavic 2 Pro includes blad's HNCS so they were clearly very deeply involved in the back end design. To get HNCS to function properly they'd have to have also been involved in sensor selection and I'd be rather surprised if they were not also involved in (or completely did) the optics. People in the know will know that as well.

Or they used the same camera and lens they would have regardless and slapped on the Hasselblad name for the name.

I could be wrong, the images don't look far off from the P4P though.

This is the one to get. I have had (and still have) the Phantom 4 Professional and will have to sell it (at a huge discount) for this pocketable Pro2. I taught the DJI New Pilot Experience class this past weekend and I can tell you there is a HUGE demand for this one. It will likely be 4 months before you can get one of these into your hands as the line will be that long. The 1 inch sensor is no slouch.

I know people who have had them ship already....

I ordered my Mavic 2 Pro on Thursday night the 23rd, it shipped on Friday... It will arrive Wednesday the 29th.

I love the camera, i love the thought into "auto" modes, but i can't help but be disappointed by 120fps @ 1080p. The karma with a gopro hero 6 will do 240fps. I know that many fps isn't always necessary, but i was looking to film some motocross/action sport stuff that slowing down up to 10x would've been amazing. I feel they missed out in that aspect.

Otherwise the price is a bit steep, but the features are amazing, i'll probably be holding out until a price drop though.

Great incremental quality and video improvements. I will have to wait until my Phantom 3 has a complete smash up before replacing. I finally can fly without hitting the ground now! But really - DJI I want a flying 360 pano video camera. When will we see this?

Hey Mike, not sure we will be seeing this for a while but you can buy attachments to fly a smaller 360 cam on specific drones. If that's something you are interested in, you should definitely do some research on it and find something to fly on your phantom 3 just to give it a try :)

Super disappointed you can't swap gimbals, even though the bodies are identical...

You can’t, but DJI will if you change your mind

This will be an option soon

You actually will be able to purchase the drone and swap the gimbals if you'd like, however, you would have to send it in to have that done

Does anyone know if dji will offer a trade in?

They are starting a new trade in program. If you are interested, jump on their site and see what they can do for you

Can you do comparison of the 48mp zoom image and 20mp pro image of the same composition? That would go a long way in helping some of us decide what one to get. If the 48mp zoom image shot in raw has just as much detail of the 20mp pro 2 image shot in raw, and could be made to look the same in post without any huge notable difference, then the zoom would be the no brainer. Please do an image quailty comparison.

i feel like i need to use my drone more