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Teenagers Use Drone to Chase Down Boat Thieves

Score one for the good guys. When they realized their boat was being stolen, two Washington teenagers handled it in the coolest way possible: they called the cops, then they put their drone in the air and chased down the thieves, guiding police to their position and capturing video evidence in the process. 

Thank goodness for Sport mode on the DJI Phantom 4. Chris Harris and Nick Garlock heard a boat engine early in the morning and looked out the window to see a pair of thieves towing their boat away with yet another stolen boat. While Nick called the police, Chris put the drone in the air and chased the pair down at almost 50 mph. Using the video and the Phantom's GPS location, the police were able to infer where the thieves were likely headed and gave them the surprise of their lives by waiting on the dock for them to arrive. To me, the funniest part is that unlike most crime scene videos, which are often grainy and tough to make out, this one is in crystal clear 4K. Says Chris: "It's every kid's dream to fight crime and use superpowers, and we got to do that." 

[via DIY Photography]

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