Capturing Creative Shots for Wedding Films From Photo Sessions

You need a lot of creative shots when making a wedding film. Couple portrait sessions can be a great source. As a wedding filmmaker, how creatively can you get to capture them? Here is a video from Rob Adams discussing this topic. 

As much as it is an opportunity for you to shoot candid moments of the couple, it is a challenge too if you are not prepared. The first and foremost thing to do is be prepared with a list of shots that you can pull off. An advance conversation with the couple will help you come up with the list. Simple things like the bride and the groom taking a walk can come in handy. You have to move around and choose the angle from which you want to cover them, which will define the story you want to tell. For instance, you can go behind the couple and trail their walk or resort to the details and get close-up shots of them holding hands, or go drone mode and capture them along with the environment. Every perspective tells a different story. The choice is yours to make. And make sure you pay attention to the details like the flowers, the tie, the jewelry, and all those things that make the moment personal to the bride and groom. Play with the composition and create drama. There is just so much you can do; watch the full video to see the possibilities. 

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