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Lenny Kravitz, the Rockstar Turned Successful Photographer

Many of us know Lenny Kravitz for his music but did you know he was a successful photographer too? I think you may be pleasantly surprised at the quality of his work.

Most rockstars find themselves in front of the camera rather than behind it. Lenny Kravitz is someone who bucked this trend when he decided to follow in his father's footsteps and take pictures rather than being in them. The reason I know this is thanks to photographer and educator Tatiana Hopper's latest video where she explores the lives of musicians who decided to pick up a camera.

The video starts with the man himself talking about some of the reasons why he enjoys photography along with a glimpse at some of his work. I must say, I was blown away by the quality of the pictures he makes. To me, the work feels like a cross between street photographer Joel Meyerowitz mixed with the photojournalism of Walker Evens. It really is that good and I'm not just saying that because he's a celebrity. The video goes on to tell us some of Kravitz's backstory where we learn he was gifted his first camera from his photojournalist father at the age of 21. We are also shown some of the photo series he has made in recent times. One of these series which I especially enjoyed seeing was called Flash. A collection of pictures taken from the point of view of someone having their picture taken by tens of people at once. Some of these captures look to be on the red carpet while others look to be groups of paparazzi in various settings.

It really was a pleasant surprise to learn that Lenny Kravitz is a photographer. The refreshing part about all of this is that he really can shoot. His eye for detail and composition put him up there with some of the greats. I know I will personally be keeping an eye on what he does photographically going forward.

What do you think of the work of Lenny Kravitz? Think it's any good? We'd love to hear your thoughts in the comments below.

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You’re buddy my friend.

Oh plz!

Cool! It’s nice to see some love for T.Hopper, her channel is really great!


I am not surprised at all that Lenny's images are so good. I would expect nothing less from someone with his background, creative abilities, and drive for excellence.

To the author: why are you so surprised that Lenny's photography is so excellent? Why didn't you assume that his character, work ethic, and talent in music would carry over to another creative genre? I see so many parallels between the two mediums that I would fully expect him to create photos that are just as compelling as his music, especially so, given his family heritage and ethnicity.


On a similar note, Alex Skolnick of Testament is also a pretty talented photographer.


Really enjoy Tatiana's YouTube channel and this White Noise series she did. Glad to see you have shared it here on FStoppers. :)

Define “successful” photographer.
I see a hobbyist who due to success in another area people assumes that he must be a successful photographer. If he would’ve presented his work under a different name would it have gotten the same response?
What gallery that wants visitors is going to turn down a huge celebrity?



the accomplishment of a given objective

successful photographer:

a photographer who is able to capture (or otherwise create) images that are consistent with the images he is attempting to create, a.k.a. the images in his "mind's eye"


That's like saying "yeah she's a girl and a friend so you can say she's my girlfriend."
When it doesn't really mean that at all.

So, would you say that success in photography has more to do with how other humans receive one's images, or with the what the images meant to the photographer himself?