Shooting Family Photos in a Wedding

Family photos in a wedding can at times be boring for a photographer, as all the action happens around the bride and the groom. But let us not forget the significance of family photos and why it is important to have them captured right. In this video, Vanessa Joy shares her advice on shooting families in weddings. 

Family photos are not just a mandatory list of pictures to be taken; it is very important to the couple's family that their presence is documented. You don't want the bride or the groom to come to you a month later asking for that shot with his/her favorite aunt that you missed. Plus, when you are shooting a family picture, you are shooting your prospective clients or their parents. So, keeping this in mind, the idea is to prepare a list of people beforehand to make sure you don't miss out any of them. The next thing to do is compose your shots. Start with the couple, and add people to the frame. Scout around the venue and see if you can find some variety for different sets of people. But whatever you do, you have to be quick, as most people in the family won't want to wait around for a picture to be shot. Check out the video above for all of Joy's tips. 

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is she not the most charming person in the world!? ha! ironically, we met her at wppi and it was freezing that particular morning (yes she was vocal about it)! her photo walk was excellent- packed with value added-ness (can i do that?) haha! the family wedding shots scare me to death, so excellent share, thanks.

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Thanks Vanessa. Very good!