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1.98 - "Needs Work" 

Shot this photo and then jumped in afterwards

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Nice composition of a cool location, I really like the ghosting of the water but I think the shot in general is wayyy too dark. If I were you I would be trying to shift the histogram more to the right by increasing the exposure a stop or so and then adjusting the blacks, whites, shadows and highlights to give a higher dynamic range. The shadows I think should definitely be pulled up as you've lost so much detail there and over half the scene is in shadow. I would also increase the brightness and decrease the contrast in the sky, looks like it's been shot with a polarizing filter? If the image is too underexposed to effectively apply these edits I could also recommend taking a second shot at higher exposure in the future so you can merge them for better details in the dark areas.

I agree with Isaac. However, if you can't go back and retake this photo, simply cropping out the dark shadows on the left wall, and that black part on the right, might help. It would definitely put the focus more on the waterfall.

a little more work in post and this goes from a 2 to a 4 imo

I gave 3 stars but I think this is a shot where the long exposure smoothing of the water worked against you. The violence of tumbling water would, I think, have made for a better effect.