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2.18 - "Needs Work" 

Critique is always appreciated.

From a recent experimental gold-themed Shooting. Due to the lack of a makeup-artist I did the gold-foiling myself. Happy to share any experience.

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The gold looks really cool, but the model's skin is lacking detail and tonality. It would be nice if the gold was contrasting a little more with the colors in her skin and hair, could try to cool the WB a bit.

Thank you for your feedback. I will take that into consideration. The lack of detail is probably due to the very soft lighting and shallow DOF. I have tried versions with a cooler tone, but the gold looks very dull when cooled down. Maybe a brush mask will do the trick.

I wish the gold covered a bit more if not half her nose. A mask might do it. Also if you can touch up the gold on her eye a little. Oh, and if you can slightly turn the image counter-clockwise to straighten it.
It's a great portfolio piece. Nice Job!

Thank you for your feedback. I agree with the gold. I'm obviously keen to doing it again some time, as you really need some practice with gold foiling on skin. Maybe even doing more than one layer to get further away from the skin look. If I put it in my portfolio I will definitiely take your advice and touch up some more spots.