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2.65 - "Solid" 

Part of Beauty Editorial "Flower Power"
Nikon D850, Tamron 90mm
F11, ISO 64, 1/200

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Nice shot.

I love the concept and shot overall, but I really wish both eyes were in focus as for some reason my eye keeps wanting to go to the out of focus one first. Maybe the lines of the eyebrows?

Out of interest did you do any selective blur to it? I admittedly haven't shot portraits on anything over a 50mm, but even though I know my 100-400mm lens can blow out backgrounds at even f/8, f/11 and 90mm seems like I would expect more DOF... unless you were like right in her face?

Hi Tom! Thank for the feedback. I use a 90mm Macro so I could be "right on her face". I focus purposely on her lips. She is leaning back her face slightly, and I was shooting from above. For those reasons the distance between her mouth and the out of focus eye is larger. However put the focus distance almost at the same depth of field of the first eye.

This is the out of camera frame I didn't crop. In a beauty shoot it is quite difficult to have all in focus because you are really close to the model. I agree, I would like to have the second eye sharper. The solution is to shoot from farther away and crop but I have a small space so I get close.
The only post I did is beauty retouch make her skin looks even. I have a BTS 30s video of the shoot of my Instagram if you want to check it out :) (@elenafortinphoto)