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2.42 - "Needs Work" 

Sony A7Riii
85mm F/1.8 - 1/60 - iso 400

Santa Rosa, California.
Just roaming around I saw these huge columns of light in the city square and decided to shoot them with Sarah. One light setup with an AD200 and 38" parabolic double diffused.

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Question: Did you apply some selective sharpening to her face? For some reason her jewelry not being in focus is throwing me, since especially the necklace I would expect some of it to be in focus since the way I understand focus is it's a flat plane and she doesn't seem like she is leaning forward or anything. *shrugs* still a good image and is probably just some lack of experience talking here... but we only grow if we try and/or ask things!

Her necklace is out of focus due to shooting this purposefully at F/1.8
This is why the face is tack sharp and sharpness falls off quickly.
My mistake I didn't put the EXIF data in here but it used to ask for it during submission. An 85mm at 1.8 from only a few feet has a very shallow DOF.

And you're correct, we only get better by asking questions!

Thank you for the explanation. I certainly know how shallow DOF you can get at f/1.8 on my 50mm so that makes a lot of sense now. I figured there was maybe something like that due to night and the background bokeh, but I know there are other ways than low aperture to get that shallow DOF.

Any time bro. Creative decision to shoot at F/1.8 and everyone's taste in composition is different. The background was restaurants and the huge light pillar that actually changed colors repeatedly so blowing it all out was my intent.

Fun fact - a Santa Rosa bum was actually in the frame but he got overtaken by bokeh lol

Overall looks good except I'd definitely crop that big background light out entirely, honestly for me that takes this image down a star. Also the highlights are a bit harsh on the model's skin.

Appreciate your perspective 🤙