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1.44 - "Snap Shot" 

Girlfriend's birthday shot. Her room and some aliexpress lighting. No additional retouching done.

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I'm not a pro photographer. And I see 2 of 2 ratings are "snapshot". I'd be perfectly content with a 2, but if you rated 1, I'd appreciate some constructive critic in the comment, so I know what do you think went so wrong, and improve it. Thanks.

The picture (especially her skin) is too yellow, the whites on the shirt are too bright, and I think you could've gotten a better pose! Hope that helps, good luck!

I think the skintone may work if it wasn't for the background being such a similar color, which I think is one of the more limiting factors here. I feel like under a different color background things would look better because as it is our eyes are being oversaturated by one color.

Since you asked for comments I might go a bit harsh here.

For me this looks like a fun snapshot you took when you went over to your gf's house. There just doesn't seem to be much direction. It looks like she is caught in between two poses, her upper hand feels awkward and she's almost closing her eyes because of laughing. The hair is messy and all over the place. Skin still has blemishes and pimples. The others already talked about the highlights being blown out and color toning.

For a beauty shot there is just not enough processing or planing here. Look at the pictures of Julia that they linked in the contest description and you can see what I'm talking about. Hope it helps and keep it up :)

In addition to what others have said, I'd add that the reflections in the balloons are distracting and the general composition of the photo feels pretty unrefined, as your model is fighting for attention with the balloons and there is quite a bit of wasted space on either side of her.

Thank you all for taking your time and sharing your critics. The room is indeed colored, so bounced light had an effect on overall tone.
As I'm just getting into photography, it's very important to get out of my subjective feelings for my photos, and get some objective and constructive critique from people with richer experience.
As far as model goes, she doesn't really like her role in front of a camera, so It was more of "make her laugh, and seize the moment" than a real planned pose.

I wasn't really posting to compete, but to hope I'll get picked for critique. And thanks to your comments, I indeed got pointed out for some valuable details and learned something. Cheers!

As pointed out by others, the reflections on balloons are distracting, and two much highlight on her shirt. And the background and face tones are too close. I won't comment on the posing, sounds okay to me given she is not familiar with posing.