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1.81 - "Needs Work" 
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Funny story, I was just watching a video on youtube that was trying to do this but used a much thinner waterfall and it failed badly.

On a more technical note though, I'm interested in the settings you used and if you blended the model in or not. That blur on the water is nice, but to hold that pose for that long possibly...

Absolutely man! I used a 6stop ND filter and my settings were f/13, ISO 45 and 25 seconds. For my model (my girlfriend who wanted to go hiking with me), I just took a quick photo of her with the same composition and then blended the two photos together.
I knew going into this that this photo was not really a beauty shot but figured I would submit it anyway. I am getting confused at how people are voting it a 1 though? I understand the photo looks flat when looking at it on my computer as opposed to my phone but I don't think this is close to a snapshot, however, I am obviously biased.

I think it's voted lower, because of the model(no offense to your girlfriend). The waterfall and lighting look great! However, your model looks VERY harsh compared to the softness around her. While she's in a relaxed pose, her body and facial expression are rigid and harsh...and also a different choice of clothing would maybe bump up the rating.
But I understand, per your previous comment, it was spur of the moment, which is why it's getting voted closer to snapshot. I voted a 2.

That definitely makes sense and I really appreciate your insight. It was spur of the moment and I prefer landscape over anything with models. I am sure they would agree with 2 and say under no circumstance should this go in a portfolio which I think deep down I knew but was biased because of the model hah I will see if I can't do a proper shoot with her wearing better clothes or being posed in an adventure style.

Rated 2 given that the blending of the two pictures is far from perfect: around her head, and the wood on the extreme left for example.

Thank you very much! I honestly didn't even see that so definitely appreciate you pointing that out. I am going to retouch those parts to make it better. Do you have any other critiques? I know the background and the foreground look odd together but for the life of me I can't figure out how to remedy that. (I understand she isn't in nice clothes and isn't photoshoot ready, I am just looking for critiques of things I can fix with my photoshop work or with changing camera settings)