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1.94 - "Needs Work" 

Galactic core over the White mtns, headlamp selfie

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Dillon Murphy's picture

if you vote 2 or lower please tell me how I can approve! well any constructive criticism is welcome!

Ryan Luna's picture

again...2 stars. I'm looking at a beam of light originating from a black void. Remove what I'd assume is you or another person looking up, and you're left with an uninteresting and somewhat "noobie" Milkyway shot. You'd need a 4+ MW shot alone with a person in it for me to consider a 4-5 star adventure image.

Dillon Murphy's picture

I want to say again I appreciate feeback, that is why I am posting. What elements of the MW is noobie? or how would you improve it? I see a lot of people choose a cooler color balance on the galaxy but I like it closer to white like it looks in the sky.

Ryan Luna's picture

sorry..i don't mean to use the word "noobie" in a derogatory manner, i just couldn't find a better way to describe it. The MW has a lot of various aberrations to it, (coma, chromatic, and astigmatism). I don't mind the white balance you've chosen it's mainly the aberrations. you've also chosen the less colorful side of the MW, which can be good, but I prefer the "core" side.

Dillon Murphy's picture

gotcha, some of the stuff around the edge is due to the 20mm lens, I don't know if there is a way to fix that in post past normal profile corrections. I am hoping to get a little better skies soon when I am out at the grand canyon and try to learn some more of this stuff. I love astro

Ryan Luna's picture

The focal length of the lens is somewhat irrelevant in regards to the corner astigmatism and coma. Rokinon/Samyang are known for their low aberration lenses for astrophotography...when you get a good copy.

robin waslander's picture

your background is okay, its the forground that's killing the shot. to dark and to harchs

Dillon Murphy's picture

Harchs? Yeah I was up there by myself so I wasn't sure how to add more light to me due to the High ISO I didn't want to try pulling up the shadows too much. Maybe I was too focused on making sure there was something in the foreground to pick a good foreground?

Aaron Echols's picture

I use my headlamp to look at the stars too. It's the only way I can see them.