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1.6 - "Needs Work" 

I'm 23 french, traveling into Sydney, I asked two firends to join me for few shoots :) I have wait 5.30 am to have this light

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The girl on the right looks frustrated, she ruins the whole thing for me.

My model management is pretty bad I have to improve that :/

The woman on the right looks like she's missing part of her midsection?

Hmmm she has everything where she need to have something 😂

LOL.........I was fairly sure she was just looked odd...........;)

I voted up this photo because you have managed very well with the selection of the place for this shot. The colors from the hot to the cold fit perfectly into the picture. You have also handled the lighting well.
You had all the ingredients for a five-star image, but it was a pity that your models were not so cooperative here.

Thank you for your critics ! For the models it s my fault it was my first model management :/


Nop but it was 5am and a poor light so the shoot was at 1/50 or something like this :/

This is not street-photography. It is not candid.

Hmm i’m In the street I made a photo, it s not a street photo ?

If it is candid, yes.
If it is staged, no.

I disagree. This image counts as street.

So, let me understand, what is your definition of street-photography?

Same as yours, only without the limitation of it needing to be candid.

So every photo taken in a street is street-photography for you. Ok.

You don't have to take my word for it. Take a look at some of the great street style photographers; Bill Cunningham, Scott Schuman, Tommy Ton, Phil Oh, Candice Lake. Their street images include candids but aren't exclusive to them.

You are confusing street style (or whatever) with street-photography.

Wrong again. They're not mutually exclusive.

They are not mutually exclusive, I agree.
But by definition street-photography is candid. It's what makes street-photography unique. The candid element is the concept that makes street-photography a genre. This is my point. And the point of wikipedia that opens the definition with this words “Street photography, also sometimes called candid photography".

I believe that definition is too restrictive. I have found other websites indicating that street photography does not have to be candid.
Oh well, we each have our own definition - that's cool.
Can we find something we can agree on? The subjects in the image above are blurry, and the picture does not deserve 4 stars.