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Submit your best street photo for a chance to win a free Fstoppers tutorial."
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We had some incredible street photography submissions this week and Lee was more generous with his ratings than he's ever been.

Congratulations to Jonäs Groan for his submission that earned the highest community average rating and to Scott Firestone for being the randomly selected winner of a free Fstoppers original tutorial. We will be in touch with both of you via your Fstoppers profiles to claim your prize. 

If you missed your chance to participate in this week's episode, we invite you to participate in next week's with your "unedited photos." Submit your pictures HERE

  • Submission Deadline: Wed, 19 Dec 18 04:45:00 +0000

    This contest has ended.

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Alright alright, thanks guys! Thank you for critique and thanks the community for voting! 🥃🥃
And yes, it’s the street shot, I suppose we can’t only speak of a ground level discussing the «street» photography.
And yes, the shot is (or at least should) telling the story: guy on his smoke break (I suppose) thinks about aimlessness of his office life on the balcony while the streetlight on the foreground is clearly indicating «hey, bud, don’t matter how you trying it’s all will be inevitably covered in the birdshit». ‘s all good, man. End of story. 🥃🥃

Happy upcoming 2019, chaps!

Telling a story makes a better shot. Even if finding a good spot and waiting until someone walks by can make a nice photo, it's always better with a story. At least, wait until somebody cool walks by. I was disappointed with my score, but I guess photojournalism didn't qualify for the contest?

Reminds me of the stories by Mathieu Bitton about his interactions with Miles Davis. But yes, you’re absolutely right. What for photojournalism, guess the scores mostly depends on some unpredictable mass reaction. You could never predict a crowd.

I think that the review of these entries leaves some of us with an unanswered question: "What is a good street photography"? Vast majority of these images are voted very low by the community. I only spotted 2 images so far voted 2.9, rest is in lower ranks.

Guess the question should be rather «how you could force the participants of contest vote honestly»

True, the scoring was to kill, but I will say that must of the pictures where snapshots,.lack any visual impact or story, they were just pictures of people standing or walking on the street. I liked the winning picture cause it made me look at it more than 2 times to understand what it was, it grabbed my attention. I aslo saw a couple of other interesting pictures, but overall the images posted looked like snapshots.

Considering how low the ratings are, my 1.8 is about what I expected. However, and this is only 4 votes so it hardly makes for a true comparison, the same photo in my profile has been rated a 3.25.

I went through the results and found that many shots that I consider pretty good street shots were rated well below a 2. I thought I understood street photography, but I guess I haven't a clue.

You understand street... it's user voted competitions you don't understand. People don't want other images to win so they vote them down.

Human nature is a funny thing. Sure is on parade here.

The top photo. isn't that thing sticking out a street light?

No. 10
Wondering what Bruce Gildon would do with the same elements available? (love it by the way)

Oh man. No. 12 with the street performer. If there was a hat with money in the shot and we could see him looking at it the same way he is in the shot. It would be brilliant!

That would definitely have been cool. They didn't have caps on the floor..only after when they were done did they come around with a bag!

I love when these guys do these -- period.

I'm going to take issue with their term 'street photography' and what we were exposed to here, which in large part (IMO) was not in fact street photography as I've ever known it. Most of these were, or could be classified as photojournalist images. The type of images where people are in a situation, you can speak to them, get details on the happening in the photo. A true 'Street Image' would be very candid, spur of the moment, and not involve being in close proximity to the people being captured. This is in large part what I do as a news portal image maker when on accident scenes, fire scenes, floods, people in distress or in a confrontation of sorts... So it was a healthy mix.. just one shouldn't be confused with the other.

Awesome, guys! SO happy I was even selected. It was only my second submission to your contests. :)

I shot the street performer with his legs contorted near his head. I agree with Patrick that the shot could use a little more storytelling or people's reaction. The only problem was his position wouldn't lend itself to get both his face and other people's reactions. Most of the audience was near me, facing him. I will continue to work on composition and not force feeding obvious subject matter, but hey, still learning!

Nice attempt by Lee at the end, haha. That position is tough!

Guys can you PLEASE implement the 1-5 shortcut rating system from Lightroom with maybe even a caps lock option to auto go to the next image. With the amount of photo's now coming in per contest, things are getting hard to rate.

(edit: should have been posted under the new contest haha)

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