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Submit your best street photo for a chance to win a free Fstoppers tutorial."
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2.51 - "Solid" 

“People spend their whole life trying to obtain the things they need in life, every once in a while you get some things you never have in life. You should remember one thing. I’ve never seen a U-Haul pulled by a hearse.”-Pierce McKoy

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As no one else does comment: I like your shot a lot. Especially the expression in his face

Thank you, the overall rating says that it needs work, what would make this shot better?

I don't know. For me it is a very good street portrait, nothing more nothing less. I doubt that it would have made a difference if the hand would have been more in focus but maybe Patrick Prosper is right. My guess is that you failed at hitting the idea of what the raters of this contest think a good street photograph should look like. But that's neither your fault nor could you change anything. Just don't overrate the ratings in this contest :)

Gotcha, the picture doesn’t fit the category is why. My professor liked my other picture better, that is why I submitted them. He said the car in the middle is distracting. Personally I like this picture better.

First thing that I noticed after his face was the car so I'd agree with your prof. Agreed this isn't what they would call street. More environmental portrait. As such you have control over the subject to some degree (until he got annoyed with you :) ) so could have swung right and asked him to rotate a bit so the car was obscured or didn't line up with his face. I still like the pic though and you've connected with the subject.

The expression on his face really tells me his story. If his arm, hand and cigarette was more in focus it would have been perfect. Or left as is except crop it to the inner part of his wrist from the right.

Actually s little less contrast and it would be an awesome shot as well.

I don´t understand either why this really good image got a "needs work". Maybe this time it was not enough "street"? Don´t worry too much about the ratings, this is not a contest with a "professional" jury.

I think you really captured the feeling of watching someone who you knew was about to say something either profound or humbling.

Thank you, this was my first time going into the city and trying this.