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3.28 - "Solid" 

A portrait taken with a costume and props I created. The effects and background are composited and or painted in.

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Radisa Zivkovic's picture

Excellent work, but so many distracting elements...

g coll's picture

People always complain about distracting elements but if you remove everything you consider to be distracting then the original concept is in danger of being lost.

Corey Weberling's picture

Thanks for the feedback. I hear that critique. I have more of a background in using photoshop than actual photography so I lean more towards the editing side. It's really fun to start learning/practicing capturing more "in camera" though. It's easy to go overboard with editing. I like to try to add atmosphere, depth, and lots of different elements though so that's what I was attempting.

What would you say is the most distracting element?

Radisa Zivkovic's picture

As is normally the most distracting are brightest parts, which can not be removed but slightly dimmed.

g coll's picture

For example in this image what would you remove, Radisa?

Radisa Zivkovic's picture

Whole upper right part is too bright and those flare dots are candidates for removal to me.

Corey Weberling's picture

fair enough. I think without them the image would feel really flat and less dynamic though. I think the directional light beams might be a bit to strong after staring at it for a while though.

In general I like to add a lot of elements because it makes your eyes stay in the image longer and move around.

Thanks for the critique.

Tony Oliver's picture

I like what you have done - to me there is a chance with a composite to tell a while story which I think you have done here

Janet Reed's picture

I've always had difficulty with the idea that you need to minimize and remove distracting elements all the time. I like complex photos often and I like this one. Beyond that, I know next to nothing about composite images.