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3 - "Solid" 

This is a composite of 16 images. It took around 2 weeks to be finished and it is one of my biggest projects until this day. I hope I get some feedback for it, it would be really constructive for my future work.

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I like the concept and Iove the "chest shirt," but the presentation of the clothes are haphazard and wrinkled. Pants could be hanging with their entire length showing. Lighting is maybe underdone.

At the time i did not have too much time for the project unfortunately, so ironing the clothes had to be put in lower priority, but it bothers me more than you believe me! As for the pants, I think that is how most people hang them, I personally fold them usually but they had to be hanged in this case so I went for what felt more common, you might be right though. It could also be more lit that is true. Thanks for the feedback :)

I really like the concept, and the clear body is very cool. I half expect to see an empty hanger now that he's already selected his legs!

Good one! I did not think about that

The concept is amazing. Keep up the good work bro :)

Thank you! 😁

Great concept and well done! Only part that I do not like is the neck transition, but I do not know how to make it better? Maybe some kind of transparent collar?

Well it is supposed to be a "mask" so it has to be a hard edge, I made it like that on purpose.