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1.92 - "Needs Work" 

This image was one of the last ones that I took of this couple seeing that the sun already set here. It was taken in the Northern Cape close to the town of Upington. The special type of tree (Kokerboom) seen in this photo is one of the trade marks of this area and that is why the couple wanted it in their photos.

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Mike Wade's picture

No offense but it looks like this strobe had no soft box or grid as it appears the lighting is harsh on the main subject and spills too far wide. I like the exposure of the sky...

Daniela Louw's picture

I would like to fix the harsh light in future because I really like the effect of getting the couple in the correct exposure as well as the sky. What modifier would you recommend that will fit on my speed light? But it must not be something so big that couples feel intimidated by it. Most people I photograph do not like their photos being taken and a big set-up will just stress them and make them unnatural in front of a camera.

Mike Wade's picture

Hi Daniela, can I assume that the flash was on-camera? It appears so given the shadow on the brides' left arm. If you're limited to using a speed light, are you equipped to fire it off camera? I would suspect that alone would enhance the photo. Perhaps a homemade snoot with black construction paper could narrow the beam of light so as to focus the light on the main subject and not so much on the surrounding elements. There are some relatively inexpensive grids designed for speedlights that could help as well. A second speedlight fired remotely from behind your subject would arguably add some depth to your subject.


Daniela Louw's picture

Thanks for your advise. Yes I can remotely set off the speedlight. I was thinking of a type of diffuser on the speedlight. Just not sure what size will have the desired effect. But I can try with a snoot.

Joshua Anderson's picture

I agree, the light is a bit strong, and the tree to the left feels distracting to me.