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1.67 - "Needs Work" 

Sarah looks like a china doll....beautiful.

Please keep in mind I'm simply a retired senior citizen and photography is my hobby that keeps me busy in my golden years.

Hopefully you can take a minute of your time to give me some feedback so I can improve. Thanks.

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Ruth Carll's picture

Hi Bill - You did a lovely job with this image. The lighting and golden tones are beautiful. The focus is great and overall, no major technical issues. There are only two things that, in my opinion, I would suggest. If you are able to, I would try and remove the shadow of the person over her shoulder. It is distracting. This is an easy fix. The other is that I would have had her look down, or up at you from under her lashes, or .... She looks a little like she is mid sentence here. You are right though - she is beautiful and you did a great job capturing that. I gave you 3 stars as, based on the group, I think this is better than many with room for improvement.

Best wishes!

Bill Anlauf's picture

Thanks Ruth for taking the time to look and a special thanks for providing feedback. I may be a senior citizen but not too old to learn. Thanks again.

Ruth Carll's picture

I am no spring chicken and I'm learning every minute of every day! :)