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2.36 - "Needs Work" 

Most don't get this view point. My job comes with its perks.
So, unique perhaps because of that.

Long exposure while at work. Trying to capture the edge of the milkyway in the back (not easy with the movement) and the flight deck as well. I'm there on the left, being a ghost. Not completely intentional to have the moment in there, but I like the vibe it gives.

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I wish the lights at the top were in focus.
I don't know how long the exposure was but losing the pilot on the left gives this image a very different story and I'm not sure that you were going for a ghost story.

Not everyday you get a cockpit image from a large jet. Really like that you chose a longer exposure to get the sky exposed, very nice. I do agree with the other comment about the pilot ghosting; was that you perhaps? Great image though.

That's me on the left yea.
The ghosting just happens with long exposures. I am sill working there (that comes first) So I can't always sit still and model. So not really done with intention, but I do like the effect :)