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2.08 - "Needs Work" 

Sanctuary. This image was shot with the model lying in and on the books (and no, it wasn't very comfortable). There was a single overhead constant light source to try and match the apparent light source (the lamp). I didn't have access to the wall of books behind for the shoot, so they were added in post-processing.

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I love this concept, being a bit of a bibliophile myself. My only suggestion is to tone down right around the outer most part of her dress as it is clearly cut from another scene. Also the books in the background would be huge in real life as they are behind her but almost exactly the same side as the books in front. Making them smaller would create a greater sense of depth in the image.

Thanks for the feedback Danial. I appreciate the comments, especially the scale of the books. As soon as I read that, it was obvious. Sometimes it's hard to see the wood from the trees with our own work!