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2.41 - "Needs Work" 

Classic x Classic

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If I may suggest a title for this photo I would call it "The Gravity of the Situation." Gravity because of the precariousness of one's grip on life, always dancing on tiptoes trying to avoid the pitfalls and downturns of life's many obstacles ... and Situation because of the dancer's chosen path in life and the seriousness, the determination, the every-minute-of-every-day conclusiveness of the dancer's grip on her art, her craft, her raison d'être. I simply love this photo.

Thanks Sage. It could be gravity of the situation, but Converse is a classic, so ballet. :)

Love it! Cool concept and love the framing and tight crop.

Small annoyance for me is the fact that the lines are not horizontal (wall) which is an easy fix to make. And I would have loved the strap of the pointe shoe was unwrinkled and the all stars a little more scruffy.

I gave a three-star rating. This is a solid image. there are a few things I would change to make it a four-star image.

First thing is the shadow across the legs. It is distracting to the image and takes away the feeling for me.

The second thing is the "laces" on the ballet shoes at the top looks off to me with the "Wrinkle" .

I would clone out some of the small debris on the sidewalk. I would also clone out the pink/red/purple on the top left of the frame.