Check Out This Amazing Night Skiing Video

Even if skiing was never your thing, this video is worth watching. The white snow slopes are the perfect backdrop for color. Add on to that the element of night shooting, and you get absolutely stunning visuals.

According to “Huffington Post Green”, the Lightsuit Segment in Sweetgrass Productions’ latest ski movie, “Afterglow” was filmed in collaboration with Swedish ad agency Ahlstrand & Wållgren and Philips TV in order to showcase their new Ambilight TV and its style of glowing color and light. It is a three-minute flick, which producers say took “a national government’s worth of logistics, planning, and civil engineering” to pull off. It is not surprising given the stunning visuals.

Nick Waggoner talks about the logistical challanges and how they overcame the issues that arose with every night's shoot. Amazingly though, all this was achieved with just 14 person crew. The team literally carried the weight of this production, carying 100-pound rigs and heavy lights up and down the snowy hills. The Red Epic camera, used to shoot this movie, was carried by an optacopter slung on a Movi Stabilization system.

Here is some of the info for what it took to make this possible:

5 weeks of filming

9,000 lbs of equipment

operating 70 miles from a road at times

-15F degrees in the deepest snow on earth

8 main lights

8 generators

16-20 light stands

miles of extension chords

colored filters

custom manufactured LED suits

For more information about how this was shot, read the interview with the film's director Nick Waggoner.


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Cedric W's picture

Awesome movie. Would be nice to have a BTS.

Limor Garfinkle's picture

Yes, that would be amazing Cedric. I imagine that they used all hands on deck towards creating this amazing video.