Gear For Architectural Photography

5d Mark III

My Favorite Cameras For Architectural Photography I've compiled a list of my recommended cameras for architectural photography. Full frame, crop, old and new, this is what I'd suggest if you want to jump into this genre.



17mm tilt shift

My Recommended Lenses For Architectural Photography When it comes to architectural photography, choosing the right lens can make or break the shot, and in many cases, the lens is going to be the single most important piece of gear you choose for architecture. I break down what I use and why you should use it too.




Nikon SB 900

Lighting and Modifiers For Architectural Photography One of the most important aspects of architectural photography is conveying how the space you are shooting is lit. In this list, I've got my favorite modifiers and lights, and I'll tell you how I use them. Even if you want to shoot 'natural light', it's worth it to consider many of these products to control and tame the natural light.




best tripod legs manfrottoTripods And Accessories For Architectural Photography There are some things that I just wouldn't want to show up to an architectural, real estate, or interiors shoot without. Here's the rundown on accessories you'll need, use, and come to love.




lightroom 4

Software For Architectural Photography So you've shot and edited, now it's time to do your post processing and delivery. The way you edit can have a great impact on the photos, here's what I use and why.