Who It's For:

The Canon 5D MK III is for professional photographers and advanced amateurs who do not need the extra speed of the Canon 1D-MKIV or 1D-MK X but still require all of the professional features and image capabilities of a professional camera. This camera is also very useful for both amateur and professional videographers who want a powerful camera in a very small package and at a much lower price point than comparable video systems.

What We Like:

Improved Dust Resistance: The 5D MK III has  an improved ultrasound-based dust removal system on the sensor.

Speed: For a camera that isn’t intended to shoot sports, the Mk III’s 6fps is impressive.

In Camera Image Merging: The Mk III has the ability to merge 3 shots of varying exposure to produce a single image.

Build Quality: The Camera feels very solid in your hands.

Autofocus: This camera's autofocus is amazing, it's spot on almost instantly.

What We Don't:

Price: This is an amazing camera, but it’s expensive and at $1300 dollars more than the comparable Nikon offering, unless you’ve already invested in Canon gear, you’d be hard pressed to find enough of a difference to go this route.

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