Canon EOS 7D

Canon EOS 7D

Who It's For:

The Canon EOS 7D is for the advanced amateur who wants a powerful camera with many professional features at a much lower price point than the full frame cameras in the rest of the Canon line. With features like an 18mp CMOS sensor and the ability to shoot 1080p HD video, this camera packs a punch without hurting your wallet too severely. So whether you're an amature looking to step up from the Rebel without the major investment in new full frame lenses or you're a professional looking for a quick and easy backup with the benefits of an extended reach given by the 1.6x crop factor, this camera looks to fit the bill perfectly.

What We Like:

Size: The 7D is small, but not too small. It can still sit firmly when necessary.

Custom Settings: The 7D has 3 custom setups that allow you to save all of your settings and select between them quickly.

Speed: at 8fps, this camera blows away the competition at this price point and almost rivals the pro level offerings from both Nikon and Canon.

Resolution: For a 1.6x cropped sensor, 18mp is supurb.

Video Options

What We Don't

Resolution: Some will argue that 18mp on a 1.6x cropped sensor will cause more noise issues than the same resolution on a full framed sensorn

Kit Lens: The 28-135mm Kit Lens that comes as a kit with the 7D seems a bit odd as there are many bettering offerings from Canon that would work much better as a kit.

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